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Case Study 11.1.2012

Revitalizing a BPO Relationship

Trexin established the business case and led the effort to build a new capability to increase business flexibility.

Revitalizing a BPO Relationship

Business Driver

In reconsidering the merits of a 5-year BPO contract extension, our Client’s CFO asked Trexin to provide decision analysis on a long-standing outsourcing relationship for technology and operational support of do-it-yourself legal documents that was now viewed as increasingly restrictive, risky, and costly.


Trexin developed a comprehensive business case with a detailed cost-benefit analysis, defining the costs, benefits, and risks of the current situation, alongside various alternatives. Our analysis concluded that an internally developed and operated solution would provide more flexibility and reduce risk while still having a 5-year NPV of $635,000 and a Payback Period of 2.9 years. After the client decided to follow our recommendation, Trexin then assumed responsibility for all Program and Project Management to ensure benefits realization according to the business case model.

Highlights include:
  • A hybrid technology approach combining a custom-developed delivery platform wrapped around a commercial document assembly engine
  • Drafting of 65 new legal document templates encapsulating 465 permutations to provide legitimacy and completeness in all 50 States and the District of Columbia
  • The design and production of an entirely new operational capability, alongside the new technology delivery platform and the document templates
  • A highly accelerated 8-month development schedule to ensure a working solution could be launched precisely when the BPO relationship expired


The solution development phase was completed on schedule and under budget by 5%, with no material reductions in scope or quality. Because of this, the existing BPO relationship was terminated out of lack of necessity and the projected cost savings were realized.

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