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Head, Heart, and Hands Approach

Effective leadership has two key missions: 1) get the right people in the right roles, and 2) build and maintain enterprise alignment from strategy to execution across three key domains of go to market, business operations, and technology. Knowing how and where to improve is difficult enough, but sometimes it is nearly impossible to find the cause of the problem you’re working to solve. Some of those factors may include:

  • Organizations face an ever-increasing rate of disruption from their competition and rapidly changing technology
  • Customers endure inconsistent service and broken promises as many improvement programs often fail to produce real and lasting value
  • Employees feel isolated because roles, data, and even culture exist in silos and often cut-off from tools and resources they need to do their jobs

We use the key change facets of Head (thinking/deciding), Heart (feeling/commitment), and Hands (actions/outcomes) to understand the diverse people challenges and opportunities at hand. Our goal is to accelerate the lasting impact that systems of leadership and employee behaviors have on the desired outcomes.

We believe that effective leadership provides alignment, focus and energy, and we are dedicated to helping our Clients overcome their challenges through our fact-based, customized approach.

PFAS Impacts on the Supply Chain

PFAS Impacts on the Supply Chain

Zach Willett shares his thoughts on the impacts of regulations, manufacturing changes, and PFAS discontinuations on the supply chain.

Tagged in: Healthcare & Life Sciences, Optimized Operations, Products & Distribution, Strategy & Innovation