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Currently, Big Data in the manufacturing sector is primarily about adding sensors and data collection capabilities to industrial equipment. Combined with the Internet of Things, which allows a communicative transfer of real-time data, the availability of new data is massive. However, a staggering amount of data business managers need to know is also created by their Quote-to-Cash processes. The need to strategically analyze and monitor what information is captured is urgent. Analytics without a comprehensive strategy results in more disconnected data that cannot be fully leveraged. Trexin’s manufacturing experience coupled with our deep capabilities in enterprise information management and analytics enable us to guide our Clients from strategy and assessment through implementation and deliver a solution that provides real value to the business. We work with you to assess your organization’s capabilities and gaps, establish data strategies and roadmaps, develop IT and business architecture, assist with vendor/tool selection, and provide program management and implementation services.
Using Data More Effectively to Improve Performance - Trexin Case Study

Using Data More Effectively to Improve Performance

Trexin quickly empowered a mid-sized company with data-driven insights in less than two months.

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