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As your company moves toward next generation operating models you will see the benefits go far beyond extending your digital reach or selling new types of products and services. It will establish your company, your employees, and your entire codependent system of global custodians, vendors, service bureaus, transfer agents, exchanges, clearing firms, depositories, and customers as a fully integrated network linked to other networks around the world.

Linking your strategy to execution can be effectively realized using Trexin’s Strategy, Assessment, & Roadmap (STAR) methodology. STAR starts with your own business objectives and strategies and links them to capabilities whether they exist in an industry-standard capability model or not. Our methodology does not assume or imply that a full build-out of an industry-standard capability model is necessary to address your needs. Further, STAR refrains from assessing current-state capability fitness until after a future-state vision is established.

Help section

Help me organize more efficiently and increase fungible assets

By introducing interoperability of technology and people connecting and communicating with each other via the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Internet of People (IoP) you enable the replacement of redundant legacy systems (i.e., operations management and enterprise resource planning) with an enterprise-wide, interoperable whole. Lowering training, support cost while improving operational throughput. Use of real-time quality control contributes to the savings by smoothing operations and reducing breaks and backlogs.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Interoperability
  • straight through processing
  • STP
  • process reengineering

Help me improve the transparency of my data

Your team’s ability to make effective decisions is directly correlated to the confidence they have in the data they are provided. Information transparency assures the qualities of relevance, accessibility, timeliness, accuracy and completeness are evident as the information published to internal and external consumers.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Data Quality
  • Market Data
  • Information Transparency
  • Corporate Communication

Help me provide the right information/assistance to my people

End to end functional analysis of key processes in the value chain allow you to provide systems that support people by aggregating and visualizing information in order to make informed decisions and solve urgent problems quickly.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Value Chain
  • process reengineering
  • functional analysis
  • data aggregation
  • data visualization

Help me improve process throughput

Our team helps you achieve goals by focusing on decentralizing decision making through the use of systems developed to perform tasks as autonomously as possible with only exceptions or conflicts delegated to a higher level of review. This process frees up staff time for more complex tasks.

Areas of Expertise:

  • process analysis
  • STP
  • straight through processing

Help me better understand linking measurements and KPIs to strategy

Implementation of a balanced scorecard allows you to link measurements to strategies and clarify “cause and effect” relationships. You will be able to define lagging and leading indicators and track financial objectives. In addition you may translate your customer’s objective into operational goals that you can measure and report on.

Areas of Expertise:

  • root cause analysis
  • cause and effect
  • scorecard
  • rate of change
  • metrics
  • activity based cost
  • value chain
  • strategic learning
  • continuous improvement

Help me discover the best performances being achieved

Benchmarking techniques assist in revealing and comparing the best performances in a particular company, a competitor or and industry. It provides information that can be used to identify process gaps and to achieve a competitive edge.

Areas of Expertise:

  • benchmarking
  • catalyst for change
  • cycle time reduction
  • reengineering
  • time based competition
  • best practices
  • change management
  • critical success factors
Connections & Community in Colorado

Connections & Community in Colorado

On September 28th, Trexin Consulting sponsored an event titled, “Connections & Community in Colorado”. The event centered around the understanding that there is value in relationships, and through intentional connection, we can help each other in our careers and all areas of life.

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