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In situations of distress, strategy execution is of paramount importance, sometimes even existential to the wellbeing of a company. But it’s under those exact conditions when executing a stabilization or recovery plan is the most difficult, so identifying a consulting partner who can move quickly, cross-functionally, and effectively in a chaotic environment without being rattled or insensitive is critical. Trexin’s experience in these types of settings is somewhat unique, and in cases of recovery experience matters.

Ready to get started?

Trexin’s strategy execution engagements frequently begin with a 6-12 week Strategy, Assessment, and Roadmap (STAR) initiative. In the context of Execution & Recovery, time is of the essence to first stabilize the situation. But after that is achieved, it is important to take a step back to clarify the business goal, strategy, and the steps that are being taken to execute that strategy. Trexin’s STAR provides a structured approach to doing just that, ensuring that the execution or recovery effort will steadily advance. For more information about how Trexin’s Strategy, Assessment, and Roadmap can be leveraged to drive Execution & Recovery, contact Warren Golla.

Example execution & recovery scenarios and applied strategies:

Project Distress Recovery

Project in Distress

Trexin can help you identify root-cause factors and quickly lead a project recovery initiative.

Exec Departure

Executive Departure

Trexin can help you provide interim C-level leadership and maintain full operational capability.


Loss of Business / Disruptive Innovations

Trexin can help you enhance marketing technology and drive new product development.

Remediating $40M in Enterprise-Wide Technical Debt

Remediating $40M in Enterprise-Wide Technical Debt

Trexin provided governance and continuous improvement solution delivery for an enterprise-wide Technical Debt Management Office (TDMO) implementation.

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