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What can Robotic Process Automation (RPA) do for your business?

Business leaders are turning to RPA as an emerging technology practice to streamline enterprise operations and reduce cost. With RPA, businesses can automate mundane and often extremely repetitive rule-based business processes thus enabling business users to focus on higher value work. While cost reduction is certainly high on the list of reasons for RPA, there are a number of other benefits such as a reduction in human errors, increased employee satisfaction, predictive performance, and increased scalability. RPA doesn’t mean replacing a human being with a physical robot. It’s a software solution designed to emulate current processes (or tasks within a process) that might have previously been implemented and performed by human beings, this piece of software is commonly referred to as a bot.

RPA is not something you just do, it is a carefully crafted and deliberate strategy to scale your business operations while liberating your workforce from performing repetitive tasks at first, and by adding Artificial Intelligence to ‘level-up’ your competitive advantage to gain actionable insights by automating mundane and time-exhausting data-analysis tasks.


Why should you consider partnering with Trexin for your RPA journey?

Our Automation Practice Team walks the RPA talk; and with our deep experience across multiple industries, we are able to strategically look at your business processes and pinpoint which areas yield the highest automation benefit for you in terms of ROI. Here are some examples:

  • In Healthcare, bots have helped limit fraud and abuse and have shortened revenue cycles by using Natural Language Processing to compare ICD-10 coding by analyzing the visitation reports to CMS codes and vice versa to indicate potential under- and over-billing issues.
  • For Financial Services companies where M&A activities are a core part of the growth strategy, bots are used to increase data migration quality and speed to automatically take data from one legacy source system and re-enter into a new one with zero errors.
  • To give time back to technical teams, our bots have been used to create SQL scripts dynamically based on data from workflow applications and perform database manipulations with a complete audit trail to boot. Hundreds of hours per month have been saved.

The natural progression from stand-alone automation, to RPA, and beyond is represented in the model below. Trexin’s Automation Practice Team will guide you through this journey in clear incremental steps.

Ton Roelandse

Managing Director

Ton Roelandse is a senior thought leader who draws from his extensive track record as Enterprise Architect, Process Architect, IT Leader, Program Manager, Network Operations Manager, various C-suite Advisory roles, and Interim CTO experiences in industry verticals such as Financial Services, Healthcare, and Utilities across 15 countries. The emergence of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Machine Learning (M/L), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is allowing Ton to combine his experience to educate, formulate, architect, and deliver stellar ROI. Some of the companies Ton has worked for include Health Care Services Corporation, Aon, Cushman & Wakefield, Aviva, Canadian Defense, Nokia, BHP, Electronic Data Systems, Hewlett-Packard, MCI, and SHL.

Help section

Help me understand what RPA technology or vendor is right for me

Rooted in our deep experience in technology and capability evaluations, Trexin has a normalized approach to perform a product bake-off.

Trexin has experience with many different RPA technologies, and is not aligned to any particular technology. By utilizing our fluid RPA Capability Assessment Model, Trexin can help formulate the best fit vendor(s) and technology solution(s) to ensure your to-be-selected RPA platform is the perfect start to your RPA Journey.

The RPA vendor landscape has exploded, with many new products coming to the market, and existing vendors adding more and more capabilities to improve on resiliency, cognitive, and artificial intelligence behaviors. Therefore, your existing platform might not be the best foundation anymore. Trexin can help you through that decision making process, as well as devise a migration path.

Areas of Expertise:

  • RPA
  • AI

Help me design a cost-effective Proof of Concept

Trexin designs the test in concert with your team, and measures key objectives and device “Robot Challenges” that will be ranked and rated by vendors based on certain criteria relative to your RPA drivers.  We also deliver an ROI based on the Robot Challenges that will provide you with all the data points to make an informed decision on the value of RPA.

Areas of Expertise:

  • RPA

Help me determine my automation sweet spot

Trexin calls this affectionately  “rVSM”, like in robotic Value Stream Mapping. We analyze a process at the most granular level and identify areas of automation, as well as provide suggestions of process improvements that aid the automation. We determine the cost for each process step and make data driven decisions as to where RPA has the highest impact. Remember – sometimes monetary savings are not the most valuable benefit. Error reduction and an increase in velocity and/or predictability can be powerful RPA value drivers as well.

Trexin will help you answer:

  • If automating 20% of the process provides 80% of the value, should we even spend time training the bot to handle that 80%?
  • Or, should we continue automating close to 90% of this one process while our ROI is 50% less than ‘that other’ process where we can automate 40%?
  • We really want to automate this process, we feel there is value, however it shows a negative ROI per invested dollar. How can we structure the benefit now?
  • What else can we look at to determine a positive ROI?

Areas of Expertise:

  • ROI
  • RPA

Help me design and implement an RPA factory

The Trexin team is able to implement a standard set of processes to facilitate a ‘factory’ like process intake model that assesses and calculates ROI for hundreds of processes. This includes quality controls, test parameters, handoff controls to RPA developers, and deploy-to-prod standards.

The Trexin team will work with you to stand-up a RPA Center of Excellence to ensure process intake, governance, and operational safeguards and controls are in place.

Areas of Expertise:

  • RPA

Help me get from RPA to Cognitive RPA, and Artificial Intelligence

Trexin works with you to plan a strategic approach and will help you define the business case. Much like basic RPA, we will analyze your use case (or help you define one), lay out the technology foundation, and create a detailed ROI.

Areas of Expertise:

  • RPA
  • AI
  • M/L

Help me understand RPA best practices

Trexin will create and implement a Center of Excellence model to ensure a continued and consistent RPA approach in your organization.  This model will address the topics listed below and more:

  • What characteristics make processes suitable to be supported by RPA?
  • How do RPA bots learn? How do I coach RPA bots?
  • How do I control RPA bots and avoid security, compliance, and economic risks?
  • Who is responsible when an RPA bot “misbehaves”?
  • How does the RPA bot and people work seamlessly together?

Areas of Expertise:

  • RPA
  • BOTS
  • COE
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