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Industry ExpertiseHealthcare & Life SciencesOperational Modernization & Efficiency
Powerful technology and operational innovations have never been more accessible or necessary to enable healthcare organizations to thrive in the modern era. Innovative governance and management structures, powerful data analytics tools, cloud infrastructure, and virtual environments can replace outmoded business infrastructure and drive tremendous operational efficiency at a time when cost containment is a chief concern.

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Help me re-align our organization with our business plan

Trexin’s healthcare team leverages deep experience in business strategy and management to help your organization establish a Targeted Operating Model and achieve the right alignment of resources (people, process, technology) to execute your strategy. Large technology projects can only deliver return on investment if the information technology you implement aligns to deliver on your specific business objectives. Our consultants can work with your internal teams and technology partners to ensure you achieve the maximum benefit from your IT investments.

Areas of Expertise:

  • strategic alignment
  • resource management
  • change management
  • performance management

Help me modernize our systems

Trexin combines innovative technology consultants, proven business strategy consulting resources, and experienced healthcare professionals to help you capitalize on Front-Office and Back-Office Modernization opportunities to lower costs and achieve better results. Utilizing innovative technology solutions, mobile devices, cloud architecture, virtual workspaces and cutting edge data warehousing and analytic tools, Trexin can help you build a new, modern operation or upgrade your existing office environment to respond effectively to the needs of the transforming healthcare system.

Areas of Expertise:

  • efficiency
  • virtual workspace
  • technology upgrade
  • cloud technology
  • data warehousing
  • managed services
  • system integration
  • data analytics
  • mobile applications
  • agile development
  • cybersecurity

Help me improve our enrollment, membership and billing processes

Trexin’s team of healthcare consultants bring decades of experience in health plan operations to help your organization improve its Enrollment and Billing Process, from end-to-end optimization to focused problem solving in a single area. New products, IT upgrades and staff changes can all greatly impact the efficiency of your enrollment and billing and less than optimal performance can be a serious threat to your organization. Trexin can lead you through a rapid assessment of pre-enrollment, enrollment, premiums, billing processes and financial reconciliation and help you quickly identify gaps and remedy problems to maximize your efficiency and revenue.

Areas of Expertise:

  • efficiency
  • member enrollment
  • member billing
  • financial management
  • cost-sharing
  • premiums
  • payment reconciliation
PFAS in MedTech

Exploring PFAS Use in Medical Technology

Bo Youman shares a brief summary into the role of PFAS in the Medical Technology industry.

Tagged in: Healthcare & Life Sciences, Optimized Operations, Products & Distribution, Strategy & Innovation