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Trexin takes a business-focused approach to architecture. Rather than being just a technology exercise, we use architecture to ensure the business strategy and operating models drive the organizing and deployment of people, process, and technology. An enterprise architecture is a conceptual blueprint that helps to define the structure and operation of an organization through standards, roadmaps, and investments. Trexin also digs deeper into business operations, working with Clients to understand and improve business processes and capabilities, taking both internal and customer perspectives into account.

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Help me ensure our enterprise architecture and platforms support our business needs

An effective enterprise architecture is at the heart of any organization wanting to reach its business objectives. It should meet the needs of today and in the future. In today’s ever-changing market conditions, it should remain agile and flexible so it can quickly respond to new business needs.

Your overall plan should define how your enterprise architecture meets your organization’s strategic objectives. Specifically, the plan should contain details on the IT systems and platforms being maintained for running the business, others that are being enhanced or bought to grow or change the business, and other systems that should be considered for harvest. It provides the organization an architecture blueprint while guiding the decisions and investments of technology in support of the business strategy.

Trexin helps organizations design, modernize, and adopt architectures that are looking to:

  • Reduce their application footprint and costs through optimization and rationalization
  • Modernize their architecture to support the growth of the business while becoming nimbler
  • Develop a roadmap that guides technology choices across platforms, systems, and partnerships

Let Trexin’s experienced team help you assess, define, or implement an architecture that meets your strategic objectives.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Business Architecture
  • IT Application Portfolio

Help me understand and improve business processes and capabilities

Taking a business capability and process perspective, Trexin helps clients improve costs, cycle time, and customer experience. To accomplish this, we assess and improve processes with a top-down, architectural view. At the detailed level, we define, measure, and benchmark how organizations get work done, assessing the dimensions of people, process, and technology. In addition, we work with clients to implement appropriate best practices based on industry and strategic drivers.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Business Processes
  • IT Capability

Help me focus on overall customer experience

In the age of digital transformation and increased customer expectations, it is vital to consider the end-to-end customer experience. Trexin helps client look across organizational silos to assess and manage a true holistic customer experience, bridging disparate work groups, systems, and partners. We work with clients to assess trends in customer experience and implement new digital capabilities that enhance customer interaction and improve the overall experience.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Customer Experience
  • Digital Transformation

Conducting a Global IT Operations Process Audit

Trexin leveraged its extensive process mapping expertise to conduct a maturity assessment, identify documentation and adherence gaps, and provide a future state roadmap for a global, fast-growing Consumer Psychology and Market Analytics Firm.

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