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Capability ExpertiseStrategy & InnovationIT Strategy Development & Refinement
Driving new IT strategies or updating existing ones requires careful planning and deliberate execution. Often our clients are looking to identify new disruptions in the value chain with an ability to respond proactively and efficiently to those changes. Trexin’s experience and demonstrated success in helping clients formulate these new or existing IT strategies and then aligning their organization against those strategic objectives allows them to achieve their desired business outcomes.

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Help me develop a new or update my existing IT strategy

When our clients and their organizations are not getting the results or expected outcomes from their existing IT strategy, it’s a good time to take a hard look at the strategy and possibly refresh it. Refreshing our client’s IT strategic plan does not necessarily entail throwing it out and starting from scratch; instead, many of our clients are better off keeping the major elements but making a few adjustments. Other organizations, on the other hand, may need to think more deeply about what they want to accomplish and re-examine and re-define their fundamental mission, vision, and purpose.

Trexin has the requisite experience and successful client case studies to help you in either case. We understand that strategy management should not be an annual activity, rather it should become part of the fabric and life of the organization. Trexin ensures that the organizations strategic plan is relevant and understood. No matter if the refresh is tactical, operational, or strategic, it should be an exercise in listening, brainstorming, and generating ideas from all levels and stakeholders of the organization.

Developing a new strategic plan or refreshing an existing one, Trexin’s strategic planning process provides a great opportunity for our client’s leadership to listen to the organization’s employees, customers and key stakeholders, and to build excitement with a renewed sense of purpose and a better sense of direction for the Enterprise.

Areas of Expertise:

  • IT Strategy
  • Alignment
  • IT Performance
  • IT Metrics

Help me say “yes” to the right projects and “no” to the noise

Many of our clients say “yes” to all IT demand requests. The problem lies in that all organizations have finite capacity in terms of people, funding, and time to deliver on everything. The result is often poor project delivery, performance, and strained relationships with the business.

Alternatively, many of our clients benefit from having a centralized collection method for incoming IT requests and a governance process outside of IT delivery that evaluates, scores, prioritizes, and ultimately decides which requests move forward and which do not.

In many of today’s organizations, this capability is referred to as Portfolio and Project Management. The objectives of PPM are to determine which projects and efforts are best suited to the organization’s strategy, operational, and financial goals while determining the optimal resource mix for delivery.

Trexin has helped numerous clients assess their capability maturity and processes for governing and prioritizing incoming requests against the business strategy, while developing a step-wise improvement and action plan to close gaps against those deficiencies.

Saying “no” to projects through a robust, cross-functional governing and PPM process is often a signal that organizations are beginning to align its energy, funding, and people to the strategy and its objectives. Allow Trexin to evaluate and streamline your decision-making and PPM processes so you can spend more time on projects that matter and less on those that don’t.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Portfolio & Project Management
  • PPM
  • IT Prioritization
  • IT Strategy
  • IT Performance

Help me reduce my technical debt and streamline my portfolio of applications

Our clients are often looking for ways to reduce their technical legacy debt and application rationalization is often the first step in gaining control of the application portfolio. Trexin’s experience and approach to rationalization provides numerous benefits to our clients by eliminating redundant and non-value-adding applications, which frees up future budgets for other priorities and critical work.

During this process, Trexin also helps our clients identify unused, out-of-date, and out-of-compliance applications while uncovering legacy modernization opportunities to further eliminate or consolidate applications and assets. Allow Trexin to help you reduce your technical burdens to strengthen your agility and organizational performance.

Areas of Expertise:

  • IT Application Rationalization
  • Technical Debt
  • Legacy Modernization

Conducting a Global IT Operations Process Audit

Trexin leveraged its extensive process mapping expertise to conduct a maturity assessment, identify documentation and adherence gaps, and provide a future state roadmap for a global, fast-growing Consumer Psychology and Market Analytics Firm.

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