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You undoubtedly have data, probably in a data warehouse, and you have questions on what the data can tell you about your business. Trexin can help you understand whether your existing data warehouse is set up to support getting optimal value from the data, and if not, we can help you get it there. We can help you work through your business questions to separate the truly important ones that can drive a decision advantage from those that are merely interesting. And we can uncover and create beautiful, clear and compelling visualizations of the stories your data tells you, using sophisticated reporting and dashboards.

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Help me better understand the opportunities I have to gain insight and value from my existing data

One of the most common things we hear from our clients is that they know they’re not taking full advantage of their existing data. Many companies don’t have a single “source of truth” DW; instead, they have a collection of data stores scattered across the enterprise. Even if you have a DW, most clients’ DW implementations are not providing all of the value they could. Trexin’s consultants can work with you to assess the best next steps to take to start generating insights and value from data. Once the foundations are in place, Trexin’s data science advisors can take this to the next level of sophistication and value.

Areas of Expertise:

  • EDW

Help me better understand and use my key performance indicators

It’s hard to present a clear, simple picture of a complex enterprise. Trexin’s consultants can help you think through both how to present your operational metrics in an easy-to-digest way, and metrics that represent the true drivers of your business. This set of metrics includes second- and third-order influencers of your KPIs, which can be used to create a model you can use as a leading indicator of critical trends.

Areas of Expertise:

  • KPI

Help me create immediately valuable displays of my data and KPIs

Once you have a clear idea of the most valuable metrics you should be tracking, Trexin’s consultants can create beautiful visual displays customized for your exact needs, using any one of the tools we routinely use for data visualization.

Areas of Expertise:

Analytics Webinar

Data Visualization with Power BI: Crafting Compelling Stories Webinar

A recording of the “Data Visualization with Power BI: Crafting Compelling Stories” webinar led by Julia Pursell and Mia Sabin.

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