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The Retail industry has always been at the forefront of innovation and the use of technology, but the pace of change is staggering.¬†Mobile shopping and “just ask” technologies like Amazon Echo (Alexa) have already upended the traditional definition of Retail, and there’s more to come with the imminent advance of beacons & sensors for geo-targeting and the extension of retail into virtual/augmented reality. If that weren’t enough, retailers are aggressively expanding into adjacent markets altogether such as Healthcare Services, which is poised to disrupt the Healthcare market in ways that will once again redefine the scope of Retail.

Whether you’re looking for cloud and data integration expertise to help you rapidly and inexpensively provision the IT infrastructure necessary for pop-up storefronts or you’re seeking analytics and data science expertise to drive sales, Trexin can help you take full advantage of the current technologies at your disposal and prepare you for the new ones to come.