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The near-continuous pace of cyber attacks and the irreparable damage they can cause to your business requires your organization to continuously monitor your users and assets. And even then, there is no path to absolute protection.

Trexin focuses on pragmatic, effective cybersecurity, starting with an assumption that your systems already have been compromised. This mindset shifts the focus from “prevention/detection” to “detection/response”, keeping your Information Security team focused on continuing business delivery even while compromised in various ways. That is not to say that prevention is no longer crucial—it is. Intelligence collection, monitoring, analysis, diligence, and improvement are never-ending elements of an effective strategy.

The Trexin Cybersecurity domain partners with your organization’s leaders to implement a targeted cybersecurity approach that prioritizes real world threats without introducing a complicated and prohibitively costly security organization or tooling. We help you ensure your cybersecurity investments and strategies are effective and aligned with your industry’s norms.

Help section

Help me assess the risk to my organization

Trexin partners with your organization’s key stakeholders (Business and Technical) to assess your risk within the context of your market segment, your company’s strategic placement in that segment, and regulatory requirements. The resulting assessment helps you:

  • Identify and prioritize targeted data, system, and network assets.
  • Determine level of vulnerability and impact of a potential breach of those assets.
  • Prioritize defenses and response strategies to ensure your business remains operational during attempted attacks or actual breaches.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Cyber Risk Gap Analysis
  • Technology Risk Assessment
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • “Metrics that Matter” Dashboard Design

Help me operationalize action plans

Trexin defines immediate, actionable plans based upon the latest cyber intelligence and telemetry data to improve your overall defensive posture with a special focus on ensuring that your organization does not become “just another victim” of known attacks.

  • Execute business and IT security goals.
  • Enable cyber framework and security architecture to proactively identify and control cyber risk.
  • Verifiably become compliant with regulatory and legal mandates. Maintain compliancy with modest effort in an evolving landscape. Keep Boards and stakeholders transparently informed of status and progress.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Interim Leadership/Succession Planning
  • Security Architecture
  • Key Program Execution
  • Cyber Risk Management Framework
  • Key Risk Indicators (KRI) Framework
  • Cybersecurity Training

Help me improve readiness and resiliency to a cyber breach

Trexin will design and implement your controls program and will help your organization monitor its environment to confirm that those controls remain effective.

  • Ongoing testing, validation, remediation, improvement, and actionable reporting.
  • Breach prevention measures supplemented by rapid and robust response and containment capabilities that ensure ongoing business operations.
  • Ongoing adaptation to the evolving threat actors and attack vectors.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Targeted Incident Response
  • Improved Incident Response Process
  • Prioritized Action Plans
  • Execution, and Red/Blue (+Purple Team Exercises
  • Fraud Detection
  • Business Continuity
  • Disaster Recovery
Cyberattack Prevention tips


Fatima Zehra provides five steps that your organization can take to help ensure that your organization and customers suffer minimal damages after a breach.

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