Trust, Experience, and Innovation

Trexin’s core values, and the origin of our name, are Trust, Experience, and Innovation (TR+EX+IN). Fostering a set of internal values isn’t uncommon, many companies do so. But what distinguishes Trexin’s values is that they represent not only our internal company values, but also our primary Client value propositions. Here’s what we mean:

Trexin was originally conceived to be the management consulting and technology solutions Firm that our founders wished was available to them when they were buyers of professional services. In that regard, Trust, Experience, and Innovation represent the three foundational elements that all buyers of professional services ideally seek, namely:

  • A reliable, truthful partner (Trust);
  • Genuine and relevant expertise that’s delivered in a satisfying manner (Experience, in two connotations);
  • And an outcome-oriented mindset and passion to accomplish business objectives, not just perfunctorily execute tasks (Innovation).

But these exact same values — Trust, Experience, and Innovation — also represent the core values that internally motivate us and guide our own professional behavior: the honor of earning others’ trust and building trust-based relationships; the pride in developing practical skills and expertise that is shared with others in a collaborative manner; and the stimulation of creative expression and lifelong learning required to solve new challenges for Trexin, our Clients, and our larger community.



Trexin’s Historical Highlights

  • Founded on November 22, 2005
  • Nationally recognized as a premier consulting firm in Consulting Magazine’s 2014 “Seven Small Jewels” award
  • Included on the Inc. 5000 list for eight consecutive years (2010-2017)
  • Included on the “Fast 50” list of the MSP Business Journal six times (2011-2015, 2017), placing #7 in 2014
  • Announced on February 20, 2018 that Trexin is focusing its services and solutions on Strategy Execution
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