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Program Execution – Getting to “Done”

At Trexin, we believe that small groups of consultants form the most effective teams. Our teams work with short-term initiatives as well as large transformation programs. Many Professional Services firms bring a large number of consultants into your business, and we know the negative impact that can bring to your culture. Trexin gives you the advantage of a focused team that gets in, solves the problem, and can quickly move to the next issue or initiative. We implement strategies and make your vision come alive. Our approach is to deliver solutions that focus on incremental results while also building upon the long-term strategy so you receive value quickly without sacrificing quality over the life of the project.

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Assessment, Project Management & Recovery

Tackling Change Management

Change Management is the difference between a beautifully adopted new process and a wasted work effort. Principal Emily Ellison’s TIP walks you through the fundamental steps required to hook your stakeholders into embracing change.

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