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Trexin’s approach to change is based on a unique head, heart and hands model which considers thoughts, feelings, and actions in successfully managing change. We believe that if people understand the purpose of the change, how it affects them and their job, and believe in the importance and benefits of the change, then projects are far more likely to succeed. This approach allows us to work through change at all levels whether it requires coaching a new executive or managing the impact of a new application with end users. Using our head, heart, and hands framework along with best practice change models, Trexin can provide a holistic organizational change management solution that is specifically created for your company and situation. Proactively handling disruption, change, and transformation allows for higher user adoption, improved morale, and greater return on investment.

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Help me improve my organization through change in leadership, policies, job redesign, process, or structure

When a company introduces a large change in their “go to market” strategy or creates new leadership roles and departments, significant disruption can occur. If Organizational Change Management is not handled properly, processes and teams will begin to break down and cause unnecessary disruption. Both teams and processes will become ineffective.

Trexin has the ability to identify and manage Organizational Change to prevent these disruptions, all while helping leaders continue to meet the needs of the stakeholders and drive the company towards success. Working together, Trexin can improve your organization’s effectiveness through people and processes by building a new Organizational Change strategy.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Organizational Change Management
  • IT Leadership
  • Bias for Action
  • People & Change
  • IT Reorganization

Help me prepare, equip, and support individuals and teams to successfully adopt change

The benefits of investing in new tools and processes are only as successful as their adoption by the effected teams and individuals. A comprehensive communication plan and change management strategy are necessary in order to reach key adoption rates, resulting in transformations in how our clients do business.

In order to gain greater return on investment, Trexin not only assists with the more hands-on change work, such as training strategies, but also considers how change impacts the morale and engagement of employees. We make sure employees, teams, and management are aware and involved every step of the way so your organization is comfortable navigating a new landscape and delivering desired outcomes.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Organizational Change Management
  • IT People & Change
  • IT Change Adoption
Agile Framework - Consulting

Leveraging Scaled Agile Framework in IT Product Management

Glenn Kapetansky, Adesumbo Ogunnaike, and Jay Pederson provide their thoughts on leveraging Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) in IT Product Management as well as share an example of the work Trexin has done in the space.

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