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The most common context for applied strategy is growth, and there is no shortage of consultants that will eagerly tell you how you should grow your business. But unlike traditional management consulting firms that stop short of actually helping you execute your strategy, Trexin rolls-up-its-sleeves to work alongside you and your team on the implementation of that strategy. Given that focus, we’ve developed a keen sense of how growth strategies are actually implemented in practice, not to mention which strategies tend to work better than others. Furthermore, rapid growth presents special challenges for strategy execution given the speed of organizational change required, which is another area of expertise where Trexin can provide practical guidance and hands-on assistance.


Ready to get started?

Trexin’s strategy execution engagements frequently begin with a 6-12 week Strategy, Assessment, and Roadmap (STAR) initiative. In the context of Rapid Growth & Business Acceleration, Business Goals and Strategies are usually well established, but oftentimes a step-by-step blueprint for executing those strategies is missing, which at best leads to inefficient, haphazard progress. That’s where Trexin’s STAR methodology comes in, ensuring an actionable roadmap that prioritizes, sequences, and coordinates growth investments and activities. For more information about Trexin’s Growth Strategy, Assessment, and Roadmap, contact Warren Golla.

Example growth/acceleration scenarios and applied strategies:

Corporate Expansion

Corporate Expansion

Trexin can help you modernize your operational processes and technologies to ensure high business scalability.

Demand Spikes

Market-Driven Demand Spikes

Trexin can help you leverage cloud-based assets to provide on-demand provisioning capabilities.

Product Service

New Product/Service Introductions

Trexin can help you introduce an innovation methodology with strategic portfolio management.

Retail Healthcare Consulting

Retail Healthcare

David Jensen and Jackson Doering provide an overview of the various aspects of retail clinics, including market share, health equity, data analysis, artificial intelligence, staffing, oversight physicians, and future expansion.

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