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Although the word “strategy” is traditionally used with a growth connotation, optimizing operations to decrease cost or otherwise increase profit requires no less of a strategy. Sometimes that strategy is applied in a generally healthy context, such as when a more mature company with slowing growth prospects introduces Lean Six Sigma techniques to be more profitable. Other times optimization strategies are applied in situations of duress or even distress, requiring more aggressive strategies and urgency. Trexin’s approach to Strategy Execution works equally well across this diverse spectrum of contexts, leveraging a gamut of capabilities ranging from business process reengineering to application portfolio rationalization to organizational change management.



Ready to get started?

Trexin’s strategy execution engagements frequently begin with a 6-12 week Strategy, Assessment, and Roadmap (STAR) initiative. In the context of Optimized Operations, a STAR ensures that the organization is aligned on its business goal, the strategies being employed to reach that goal, and ultimately the specific people, process, and technology components needed to execute that strategy to reach an improved operational state. For more information about how Trexin’s Strategy, Assessment, and Roadmap can be leveraged to drive Optimized Operations, contact Warren Golla.

Example optimized operations scenarios and applied strategies:


Increased Competition / Price Erosion

Trexin can help you enhance pricing analytics and develop variable/dynamic pricing capabilities.

Higher Operating Costs

Trexin can help you lead a lean six-sigma initiative to reengineer processes and drive cost-takeout.

Increased Legal, Regulatory, and Compliance Pressure

Trexin can help you run a vendor solution selection effort for contract lifecycle management tools.

Revenue Cycle Management Optimization Deep Dive: Registration-Owned Charge Review

Revenue Cycle Management Optimization Deep Dive: Registration-Owned Charge Review

Elizabeth Souder shares information on the benefits of decentralizing registration-related charge review edits to registrars and front-end staff as well as various keys to success.

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