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Digital Transformation

Trexin views Digital Transformation as the holistic rethinking of business (and the accompanying societal changes) made possible by the rapid and cumulative technological advancements that modern society is currently experiencing. Not merely the usage of more IT to take advantage of digital technology and data, digital transformation represents an end-to-end reconsideration of business strategy, architecture, operating model, products/services, consumption patterns, organizational processes, etc. Trexin can help you drive genuine transformative efforts, not just “pave the crooked cow path”.



Ready to get started?

Trexin’s strategy execution engagements frequently begin with a 6-12 week Strategy, Assessment, and Roadmap (STAR) initiative. In the context of a Digital Transformation, this first step is critical because it establishes an explicit link between business goals and new digital technologies, processes, and skills, ensuring that the strategy, tactics, and future-state vision are truly transformative and not just reflective of a trivial deployment of new technology. For more information about Trexin’s Digital Transformation Strategy, Assessment, and Roadmap, contact Warren Golla.

Example digital transformation scenarios and applied strategies:

Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement

Trexin can help reconstruct your customer touchpoints (mobile, personalized, and real-time) to transform your entire business.

Target Op Model

Target Operating Model

Trexin can help you transform the way you develop products/services, incorporate real-time monitoring, and quickly adapt operational processes.

employee collaboration

Employee Collaboration

Trexin can help you revolutionize your business model by redefining how your employees share knowledge, collaborate, and work remotely.

Conducting a Global IT Operations Process Audit

Trexin leveraged its extensive process mapping expertise to conduct a maturity assessment, identify documentation and adherence gaps, and provide a future state roadmap for a global, fast-growing Consumer Psychology and Market Analytics Firm.

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