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Technology now bleeds into every aspect of your organization.  Technology is no longer a separate department or service, it is an integral part of your organization’s strategic success and your teams’ ability to execute and react on a day-to-day basis at the speed of business in the Digital Age.

People, processes, and internal cultures all must be aligned at every point in the delivery process to support ongoing business strategies and remain flexible enough to pivot at a moment’s notice to respond to the changing external market.

Increased reliance on technology to support the delivery of business strategies, functions, and operations over-extends even the most robust IT organizations, especially those that are not able to continuously react, train, and reorganize to meet latest tech trends and external demands.

There is plenty of guidance on how to execute in a perfect world, which often set up projects to fail before they begin. Trexin embraces the challenging, messy environment that surrounds technology with risk mitigating strategies and activities. Trexin believes that when technology delivery teams have a fully-transparent, honest understanding of execution risk and the environment where technology is being implemented, there are ways to make small investments to mitigate failure, improve outcomes, deliver better overall solutions, and proactively support team happiness, skilling, and retention.

The Trexin approach to technology implementation and transformation asks some fundamental questions:

  • Is your IT environment set up for success?
  • How does your tech environment support technology implementation and delivery execution?
  • What prevents your teams from being flexible?
  • What about your tech culture and current strategies are holding your organization back from future gains?
  • What needs to be aligned and championed from the C-suite through Level One Support to ensure TCO, ROI, and other budgetary drivers allow continuous improvement and manageable support costs?
  • What is it like to have an IT organization that isn’t in constant emergency mode?

Using a variety of activity investments and/or parallel efforts, Trexin embraces your challenge areas and supports your IT personnel and environments using specific tactical frameworks rooted in best practices and decades of IT execution.  Trexin’s Technology Enablement Practice Area focuses on clearing the blockers and barriers of success for seven key challenge areas: tooling, process, compliance, direction, culture, resourcing, and time.

Our challenge areas together with our outcome-aligned activity framework is designed to scale and be easily prioritized to address your priorities and investment strategy head on.  We take a long view that balances your immediate applications’ needs and strategic outcomes. With an open and transparent approach to making constant incremental progress understood in the context to long-term tradeoffs, Trexin helps you enable your current IT environment and sets the foundation for accelerated outcomes and improved delivery in the future.

Help section

Help me reduce my technical debt

Technical debt grows when ongoing remediation is not integrated into your development culture.  Technical debt reduction is a strategic activity that delivers real financial benefits and improves teams.
Management understands that benefits from technical debt reductions are meaningful but struggle to prioritize reductions in the face of “new” innovation and time-sensitive needs. Trexin’s approach to technical debt takes a focused, Agile approach that allows teams and products to see significant benefits immediately and consistently.

Through many successful remediation and reduction efforts, Trexin understands that there is always “right time, right now” way to clean up the distractions that impact your IT delivery.

Some of the ways we can help:

  • Evaluate portfolios and processes for tech debt remediation opportunities
  • Integrate tech debt remediation activities into product development planning and delivery lifecycle
  • Significantly reduce tech debt through concentrated remediation activities
  • Create an ongoing tech debt reduction program for the enterprise

Areas of Expertise:

  • Technical Debt
  • Cycle Time
  • SDLC
  • Product Management
  • Risk Portfolio
  • Remediation
  • Risk Reduction
  • Legacy Systems
  • End of Life
  • Process Debt

Help me upskill my existing team to support our new tech transformation

Keeping up with new techniques and new technologies is a never-ending battle.  The institutional knowledge and the immense value of your people is the one constant you can count on. Helping ensure that your teams remain up-to-speed and feel supported is part of a thriving IT organization.  As technologies transform and the way business functions evolve, you must support the alignment of people to the skills they need for the future. Trexin can help.

Extending the concept of “pair-programming”, Trexin teams support your operational and implementational teams by delivering on transformation activities while coaching their onsite counterpart. We evaluate team members skilling in real-time, in real situations, in the context of long-term success of the program and the employee. Trexin then develops individualized plans, does targeted training, and re-evaluates throughout the transformation to help your company leverage and retain your most important assets – your people.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Skill development
  • skill set
  • upskill
  • professional development
  • coaching
  • training
  • transformation
  • retention
  • skill evaluation
  • new technology
  • evolution

Help me make sense of competing solution architectures and microservices

Every aspect of your business is enabled by multiple IT processes.  Increasingly, the IT components that enable those processes are outsourced and out of your control.  Separate departments, separate business units, third party vendors, Cloud storage, Cloud services, specialized legacy systems still integrated to core processes, shared services, multiple version of similar services, and APIs of various flavors – it can be difficult for any organization to keep track of their current solution architecture, let alone communicate how changes to one component will affect the rest of the enterprise and individual business functions.

Let Trexin do the heavy lifting.  Use the business-aligned, cross-technical experience of Trexin Architects to map and communicate difficult IT concepts in clear end-to-end diagrams and flows that allow decisions to be made with confidence and clarity.   As part of our process, we also identify options and opportunities to improve or enhance segments of your architecture that allows for future flexibility and scalability.

Trexin Architects are knowledgeable in several industry standard architecture and diagramming standards and can work with and populate most architecture software packages

Areas of Expertise:

  • Architecture
  • microservices
  • REST
  • API
  • XML
  • JSON
  • SOA
  • ROA
  • ROC
  • WOA
  • Event-Driven
  • SAAM
  • FHIR
  • Cloud
  • service mesh
  • storage
  • web services
  • integration
  • solution architecture
  • solution mapping
  • enterprise architecture
  • business architecture
  • systems analysis
  • trade-off analysis
  • architecture analytics
  • process flow
  • scalability
  • agility
  • agile
  • industry standards
  • cyber
  • modernization
  • digital

Help me create and improve current operating models and processes

Being successful with any IT implementation starts with having a clear understanding of the path from current-state to target-state operating model.   Trexin’s business outcome and user-focused approach allows sponsors, stakeholders, and users to understand and align on facts, stakeholder needs, and defined outcomes before the heavier investment in specialized developers and software package SMEs begins.

This essential step creates a forum for valuable feedback and adjustment that saves time, money, and resources immediately and pays off through the lifespan of the product.

To aid and reinforce transformation, the Trexin facilitated process starts with collaboration with your key product owners, strategic visionaries, and gathering representative voice of customer. We then deliver easy to understand documentation and presentation-ready materials to support additional transformation needs for your enterprise. Through development of current-state facts, we also elicit opportunities and user narrative that illuminates future-state priorities and high-value next steps. At this point, Trexin has many flexible options to build on your behalf, implement along side, product manage, or hand-off to delivery teams with well-defined backlogs.

Often Trexin rescues and restarts digital transformations because an organization started their implementation from the tooling point of view.  We have seen repeatedly that processes focused on using out-of-the-box software components instead of outcome-aligned processes can make even best-of-breed tool implementations fail.  Your organization’s strategic goals are our guiding principle for all operational processes no matter how comprehensive or tactical.  We prioritize outcomes first, then align to your processes, and bring it all together by using your tool chain in the best configurations to meet those outcomes.

When Trexin builds or refines processes, our development of target state also considers:

  • Current Capability Maturity, Needs, and Lifespan
  • Operating Structure and Governance Needs
  • Practical and Aspirational View of Team Members, Talent and Capacity
  • Incremental Process Opportunities and Suggested Road Mapping
  • Non-functional Considerations such as System Flexibility, Replaceability, Scalability, and Manageability
  • Technology Support Culture

Well-designed and developed operating models are the lifeblood of a group, a division, of your organization. Trexin invests with you in driving strategical alignment at every level of your organization.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Operational excellence
  • operations
  • current-state
  • target-state
  • operational framework
  • documentation
  • process mapping
  • operating models
  • capability models
  • maturity
  • lifecycle
  • governance needs
  • road map
  • road mapping
  • scalability
  • agility
  • alignment
  • non-functional requirements
  • control frameworks
  • standards
  • end-to-end
  • user focused
  • voice of customer
  • value stream map
  • story map
  • customer journey

Help me assess tooling investment against tooling usage

With the variety of vendor, service, licensing, and outsourcing models being integrated to your IT strategy, keeping track of who is servicing, who is using, and what is your true cost of ownership and delivery must be understood, managed, and continuously reviewed and supported by your technology team. What was once a function that was separate from IT Operations, traditionally sitting with procurement, sourcing, or finance, now needs ongoing tracking, audit, and oversight by capability owners.

Shared usage across divisions and users with multiple roles leveraging the same licenses further complicates categorization, assignment, and cost allocation.

Trexin can help by implementing solutions that solve these challenges based on your immediate and long-term needs:

  • Software and Licensing Inventory
  • Services, Volume Transfer, and API Usage Audit
  • Identity Access Analysis and Usage Patterns
  • Provisioning Controls and Governance (with existing systems or implementing tracking and licensing systems)
  • Implement Rule-based Improvement Options using key financial metrics such as TCO, ROI, Portfolio
  • Distribution, Expense Forecasting
  • Install and Configure Vendor Licensing Management Software

Areas of Expertise:

  • vendor management
  • licensing
  • outsourcing
  • user license
  • seats
  • servers
  • services
  • token
  • calls
  • volume
  • usage patterns
  • governance
  • controls
  • financial metrics
  • accounting
  • finance
  • procurement
  • provisioning
  • TCO
  • ROI
  • portfolio
  • expense allocation
  • distributing IT expense
  • vendor license management
  • audit

Help me populate and initialize tools with data that drives tool-enabled delivery

Buy the software package.  Implement the software package.   Tell users the latest-and-greatest tool is here and that it will solve their problems.  Is it ready for use at scale?  Does the new thing do more than old? Did IT deliver the tool, but not the solution?

Trexin is often asked by Clients to come fix an often-overlooked step in the digital transformation process – populating the systems with foundational data.  Software teams can be experts at the package. The detail intensive task of preparing the system with data gets missed or avoided. Late in the process when delivery fatigue and pressures weigh-in, here is where a trusted Trexin team can improve and support successful application rollout and adoption.

Using a cross-functional team of developer analysts knowledgeable in business process, detailed analysis, and the needs of software package, Trexin will define, locate, source, transform, prepare, and seed fields that support quality tool usage.  Outsourcing this task to Trexin frees up your key personnel to focus on pressing needs while offloading the details.

Improve usage patterns and KPIs at first launch by engaging with Trexin teams to get your systems loaded with business data, system data, and detail-level configurations that improve early adoption rates and return on investment.

Areas of Expertise:

  • System quality
  • solutions
  • usage patterns
  • adoption
  • ROI
  • data population
  • data configuration
  • one-time ETL
  • data cleanup
  • software rollout

Help me develop meaningful metrics that drive decisions and outcomes

Data exists in every pocket of your organization. Providing metrics, KPIs, OKRs, business intelligence, and business analytics is required for strategic decisioning, daily operations, and tactical change.

We find heavy emphasis on dashboards that support products and capabilities in most organizations. Understanding how IT delivers across departments remains costly and conjecture-based with lots of desire and little traction. Trexin’s Technology Enablement Practice Area looks beyond single-purpose dashboards and looks for opportunities to synthesize common metrics across the organization, evidence delivery health, delivery velocity, choke-points and disruptions, reprioritization opportunities, and team happiness across teams and products.

Measuring what matters and decisioning what improves delivery can be difficult to negotiate across teams. Trexin has helped many companies gain immediate benefits to delivery and reduce costs, and have found that it often takes a third-party, trusted advisor to cut through the details and data ownership to change the nature business intelligence from conceptual to meaningful.

Facilitate better decisions by observing trends, understanding cycle times and lifecycle impacts, revealing fact-enabled actionable insights, illuminating clear insights and taking advantage of data collection and investment. Because Trexin has a team of cross-functional, experienced practitioners of multiple methodologies and lifecycles, we are well-positioned to help your organization harvest the datasets that you are already collecting into ongoing, incremental improvements and decisions-backed by confidence. Make your organization better for your people and the processes they support through actionable knowledge and transparency.

Areas of Expertise:

  • metrics
  • KPIs
  • OKRs
  • business intelligence
  • business analytics
  • business outcomes
  • dashboards
  • decisions
  • lifecycles
  • optimization
  • trends
  • cycle time
  • insights
  • alerts
  • tolerance
  • constraints
  • lifecycle
  • continuous improvement
  • fact-based

Help me build compliance seamlessly into my processes

Regulations, standards, controls, rules, guidance… how do your teams deliver value while addressing the competing influencers?

Meeting the needs for specific industries, geographies, and customer market regulations in addition to the growing concerns related to user information privacy, transaction processing, access protocols, and other general IT policies that are Digital Age table stakes has complicated continuous delivery and value creation. The promise of fast and Agile often grinds to a halt when the focus becomes satisfying external auditors.

Let Trexin help you define a manageable strategy that supports the reporting and evidencing needs of compliance while allowing your developers to focus on needs of the customer with new features.

Trexin can help with:

  • Translating standards into manageable and maintainable controls
  • Mapping and cross-walking multiple standards into unified standards
  • Defining common design, coding, infrastructure, and operational patterns for implementation teams
  • Creating communication and documentation that meets the reporting needs of auditor and regulator oversights
  • Remediating regulatory findings through feature-design and improvement roadmaps
  • Finding a delivery balance between satisfying standards and serving stakeholders

Areas of Expertise:

  • regulations
  • standards
  • controls
  • governance
  • market regulation
  • IT standards
  • auditors
  • compliance
  • cross-walk
  • mapping
  • patterns
  • audit remediation
  • findings
  • MRA
  • MRIA

Help me automate product roadmaps and make governance activities more efficient

As organizations move from project mindset to a product-based portfolio management approach, your delivery teams must understand a continuous, big picture view from product management to product owners to every member of your delivery and operations team to maximize success and speed ROI.

Monthly and quarterly readouts with presentation development is necessary, yet time-consuming for your business. These meetings and communications don’t have to be a full-time job or distraction for implementation teams.

Trexin can standardize and systematize data and visuals that leverage your tools and data sources to make road mapping an easily-repeatable, insight-driven communication instead of the dominant and presentation-creation, heavy treadmill that can be for many product managers.

Reporting generated from minimal data handoffs between groups, 24-hour turnaround from data snapshot to comprehensive presentation with key takeaways is possible using Trexin’s approach to centralized governance.

Our process includes:

  • Gathering and streamlining existing roadmaps and reporting
  • Auditing the report out process for communication needs and strategic alignment
  • Interviewing the key stakeholders and developing governance reporting tailored to their individual needs for summary, prediction, trending, and narrative
  • Providing recommendations and plan to standardize your portfolios and capabilities into a common road-mapping and governance reporting format


Areas of Expertise:

  • product roadmaps
  • project plans
  • implementation schedule
  • schedule
  • project to product
  • application portfolio management
  • product manager
  • product owner
  • agile product management
  • corporate governance
  • steering, advisory
  • presentation
  • PowerPoint
  • project progress
  • percent to completion
  • project progress
  • status reports
  • project health
  • transparency
  • communication

Help me build my product backlog and develop Agile requirements

In the shift to Agile, the skills and people who translate business needs into quality requirements were minimized. Focus on technical skills has left a void in the business acumen of many IT teams. Documenting requirements, or more importantly, having the resources on staff to develop quality requirements isn’t readily available to every delivery.

Using a team of Trexin product-minded experts and analysts, we work with your delivery teams to ideate a strong feature backlog and negotiate an initial priority list. We structure all the great ideas, non-functional requirements, compliance satisfying controls, and items that delight the end-users into business-outcome aligned features that can be refined and revised easily in the future. We create rich descriptions and document stories that meet Definition of Ready that your developers and testers need to be successful. If needed, we work with your teams to improve Definition of Ready.

Trexin has a variety of methods to gather high-quality requirements from stakeholders that includes an engaged, active listening process and feedback loop that empowers and enables all team members. By working with Trexin, your delivery team gets a business-aligned, implementation-ready set of features that fills the often-overlooked space between vision and build.

Using your formats or using ours, Trexin takes your inspiration and roadmaps to the next level of execution.

Areas of Expertise:

  • backlog
  • feature
  • epic
  • user story
  • requirements
  • non-functional requirements
  • constraints
  • incremental value delivery
  • MVP
  • compliance
  • controls
  • constraints
  • stakeholder interviews
  • voice of customer
  • Definition of Ready
  • business outcomes
  • hypothesis testing
  • proof of concept
  • roadmap
  • plan
  • Agile
  • product-centric
  • testable features
  • Cucumber
2024 CyberRisk Alliance CISO Dinner Event Summary

CyberRisk Alliance CISO Dinner

On Tuesday, May 28th, Trexin’s CSO Glenn Kapetansky and Laurel Wirkus attended the quarterly CISO dinner hosted by CyberRisk Alliance at Prime & Provisions.

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