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The Future is Now

There is a long history of disruptive information technologies impacting societies and commerce. In nearly every information technology revolution, from Gutenberg to today, a brief period of technological focus is followed by a reversion to business basics, with standardized technologies enabling an efficiency that was previously impossible.

Our current time is an exception to that trend. We are challenged by the business opportunities and threats of a series of information technology revolutions occurring simultaneously and interactively – Cloud, Internet of Things, Analytics, Automation, Social Media, and Data Privacy.

Trexin’s technology teams assist Clients in implementing technologies, in pragmatic ways that realize business value quickly, incrementally, and securely. Along the way, we help you and your staff mature your processes and skills, resulting in a more mature, resilient, and scalable organization.


Databricks at Trexin

Michael Litwin and Mia Sabin offer insights into the extensive range of data capabilities provided by Databricks and how these can effectively address data challenges.

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