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In today’s changing health system, traditional roles of “patient” or “member” are evolving rapidly, with far more attention focused on individuals as consumers of healthcare and devising ways to influence their behavior. Consumer experience of care, member ability to navigate health plan benefits, behaviors that result, and eventual health outcomes, all have major implications for costs, benefits and opportunities for your healthcare organization.

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Help me engage our patients/members more effectively

Trexin’s healthcare leaders help provider organizations and health plans enhance their Consumer Experience and Engagement tools and strategies to engage patients to become active participants in their healthcare.  Developing and implementing the right strategy to positively influence consumer decisions and experiences of their health benefits and care can have a major impact on revenue; but that strategy must be comprehensive and coordinated across your organization in order to be effective.

Trexin helps you evaluate the processes, resources and tools you have in place, assess what works well and where there are communication, data and process gaps, and works collaboratively with your team to implement solutions. The results will positively impact consumer engagement and help drive the cost reductions and health outcomes you want.

Areas of Expertise:

  • experience of care
  • care quality
  • performance measurement
  • member engagement
  • empowerment
  • participation
  • feedback
  • care coordination
  • member-centric care

Help me use analytics to customize consumer engagement

Whether you have a broad range of existing tools you want to refresh, or whether you are still trying to determine what customer experience tools you need, Trexin’s experienced team brings its innovative approach to Medical Device Data Integration and Analytics, helps you evaluate your customer experience goals and develop the tools you need to reach them.

Combining multi-media tools with advanced analytics can help your organization implement innovative customer tools that deliver a truly customized and positive experience that aligns with the industry trends toward patient-centric healthcare and its role in value based payment.

Our consultants can help you evaluate your options for innovative, commercially available or custom-built tools. We work with your team to enhance new or existing solutions and integrate them with a wide range of customer data, including those from medical devices and patient-provided data. We help you incorporate insights from analytics on a continuous basis to ensure that you are providing superior quality customer experiences.

Areas of Expertise:

  • experience of care
  • member engagement
  • communication
  • coordination
  • transparency
  • medical devices
  • remote monitoring

Help me develop more effective customer experience tools

Today’s healthcare system is evolving quickly and organizations need to deliver real-time and relevant information to patients wherever they are. For an ever-increasing number of people, the most effective way to do that is through their mobile device. Customer expectations and enthusiasm for mobile applications to manage what used to be highly manual tasks create great opportunities to automate processes, maximize effective communication and improve overall customer experience.

Trexin’s Mobile Application Development consultants can help you target which customers and functions will drive the most value as mobile features and help you create innovative mobile solutions that leverage the right categories and formats for data sets and technology platforms to deliver a top-rated customer experience.

Areas of Expertise:

  • mobile applications
  • smartphone technology
  • member engagement
  • member-centric
  • member analytics

Help us successfully merge our organizations

Whether it is developing a successful merger strategy or accelerating stalled progress on a merger that has already happened, healthcare organizations with complex resources, processes, technology and regulatory requirements need support to ensure they are successful.

Trexin’s Mergers and Acquisition Strategy team offers end-to-end strategy and implementation services to help merging healthcare organizations work through their financial, technology, process and organizational challenges and realize their business goals.

Trexin can lead your team through proven techniques business strategies to avoid some of the most common pitfalls associated with mergers and acquisitions, particularly in the area of technology and data integration and misalignment of information technology with business objectives.

Areas of Expertise:

  • merger and acquisition
  • system integration
  • data integration
  • efficiency
  • business continuity

Help me launch a new product, service or capability

A dynamic healthcare system that is undergoing major structural change invites many opportunities for innovative products and services.  Trexin’s Risk Product Launch service can help you put into place all of the financial, technical, regulatory and governance structures in place to launch a new product, ranging from insurance to medical technology. Capitalizing on market opportunities for a new product or business approach requires fast action and experienced resources to rapidly develop and implement a business plan with the resources and strategy to make it successful.

Trexin brings its experienced team of healthcare business, financial and technology consultants to work seamlessly with your existing resources at any stage of new product development, clearly identify performance indicators, key milestones and benchmarks, and ensure that you have a successful launch for your organization.

Areas of Expertise:

  • product development
  • risk assessment
  • market analysis
  • project management
Healthcare Interoperability

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