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Trexin’s “EPIE” approach provides a full-scale health equity program design and implementation, compartmentalized to support your business regardless of your current stage. The “EPIE” methodology consists of driving the foundational work to Establish the health equity program; Promote a culture of equity internally and collaborate with community partners to advocate externally; launch data team(s) to Identify health disparities and contextualize issue areas; and organize capabilities to Execute intervention projects to mitigate the identified areas of inequity. The end goal of Trexin’s EPIE is to integrate the health equity program into an organization’s value-based care framework to ensure the program becomes a lasting, relevant, and valuable addition to an organization’s path to continuously improve quality of care.

Although there has been an increase of attention, health equity initiatives are not new and while the scope of the problem is massive, there is a solid foundation of work both by public and private organizations that can guide healthcare companies in promoting and acting on advancing health equity. Below is an outline of where the healthcare industry stands in advancing health equity and where it is headed by using a framework from the National Quality Forum.

Advancing health equity to resolve health disparities across the United States will continue to grow and first movers will benefit from cost savings, while their employees, members, customers, and the community at large will benefit from enhanced access to and quality of care. Whether your organization is interested in advancing health equity and not sure where to start or you have already kicked off a multi-year health equity program: Trexin’s capabilities and expertise can help you “get to done”.

Mo Ibrahim


Mo Ibrahim is a talented management consultant with experiences in healthcare, insurance, and software industries. His demonstrated aptitude for critical thinking in complex situations is accompanied by the ability to synthesize ambiguous data into results for Clients. Mo believes that fostering a good Client relationship while delivering high-quality results are key to success. Prior to joining Trexin, Mo worked as… Read more »

Patrick Roder


Patrick Roder is a Principal with experience in healthcare, financial, manufacturing, and operation management. He is skilled in problem solving, relationship building, and networking. He is a certified Scrum Master and has applied Agile methods throughout all his projects. Patrick has led a team of 12 Provider Relation Specialists, assisted in a clinical cost avoidance project, and created 5-year financial… Read more »

Madeline Hultquist


Madeline Hultquist is a results-oriented consultant motivated by a passion for helping Clients achieve their goals. Madeline enjoys working on teams to increase the efficiency and productivity of projects and loves a challenge. Her diverse prior work experience, from an international biopharmaceutical company to a small app-focused startup, prepares her to tackle any project with confidence. Prior to joining Trexin,… Read more »

Help section

Help me design and establish a health equity program framework

Before a successful Health Equity Program can launch there is a significant amount of work that must be completed. In particular, a well-defined vision, scope, governance, operating model, and decision framework are essential for the program to accomplish its objectives. Trexin can help drive this foundational work, connecting stakeholders across the enterprise to define and align on a program vision and scope, identify and allocate resources for the initial program governance, and lead workshops to establish a clear and transparent operating model and decision framework which will guide the program in execution.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Program
  • Scope
  • Vision
  • Requirements Gathering
  • Planning
  • Decision Framework
  • Operating Model

Help me create a health equity program integration office/communications office

Centralizing communications and reporting to connect the program and  the enterprise will ensure stakeholders are aligned, informed, and able to make key decisions. Additionally, a defined framework is needed for partnerships and collaborations with external organizations to promote and advance equity outside the organization. A program integration office/communications office satisfies both needs. Trexin can help by gathering requirements for metrics and reporting, design escalation processes, facilitate the creation of dashboards, and drive cross-enterprise communication to inform and promote a culture of equity across the enterprise.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Requirements Gathering
  • Communication
  • Program Integration
  • Metrics
  • Reporting 

Help me design and implement data solutions to identify health disparities

Organizations must use their data to understand the issues relating to health equity, but most don’t know where to start. Trexin’s expertise can help design and build data analyses to flush out statistical anomalies and identify health disparities among your customers and within your community. Once captured, Trexin can use the data to build dashboards to compare quality of care between members of the community based on their social risk factors. Data analytics must be leveraged heavily for any health equity program to be successful and Trexin can help you design and build your data analytics solutions.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Data
  • Analytics
  • Statistics
  • Dashboard
  • Quality of Care
Achieving Organizational Health Equity Outcomes

Achieving Organizational Health Equity Outcomes

Isabelle Primer and Mo Ibrahim share how utilizing Trexin’s EPIE framework allows organizations to assess, design, and implement a Health Equity program that will improve the quality of care for all patients.

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