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Event Summary 10.10.2023

Connections & Community in Colorado

Denver, CO

Connections & Community in Colorado

On September 28th, Trexin Consulting sponsored an event titled, “Connections & Community in Colorado”. The event centered around the understanding that there is value in relationships, and through intentional connection, we can help each other in our careers and all areas of life. In alignment with this understanding, Trexin invited professionals from all industries in and around Denver that had reasons to meet for business, non-profit, personal connection, and more.

During the evening, we introduced our friends to each other, and it was amazing to see what unfolded; everyone made meaningful professional and personal connections that will have a lasting impact on businesses, corporations, and individuals in and outside the room.

Some of the segments and industries represented:

  • Corporate Business
  • Mid-Market
  • Small Business
  • Healthcare & Life Sciences
  • Financial Services
  • Non-Profit Fundraising
  • Insurance
  • Professional Services

We are looking forward to the next event in Denver to bless more of our friends!

“There is nothing like helping others flourish. When we do, we all win.” – Aaron Johnson

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