Case Study 1.2.2013

Reviving an Enterprise Architecture Program

Trexin resuscitated the EA program of a large health insurer by establishing a shared vision for business value.

Business Driver

Facing a new 3-year business plan and a dynamic healthcare industry undergoing dramatic change, the client asked Trexin to audit its ailing enterprise architecture program and prescribe a set of remedies to realign the program with the company’s business objectives.


Structured as an 8-week time-boxed engagement, Trexin divided the project into three phases: 1) context & situation assessment, 2) root-cause analysis, and 3) solution development. Involving more than 50 executive sponsors, business representatives, developers, application architects, data architects, and enterprise architects, Trexin conducted an exhaustive 360-degree internal review through a highly orchestrated series of self-assessments and surveys, personal interviews, workshops, and capability maturity tests to reveal the base structural weaknesses and constituent concerns of the EA program.


Trexin then led the working group through a rigorous root-cause analysis process, mapping each of the deficiencies to a core set of fundamental causes. These root causes where then individually analyzed, prescribed specific solutions, assigned ownership, and associated with immediate, mid-term, and long-term success metrics to evaluate ongoing progress towards remediation.


The assessment revealed 23 opportunities for improvement that were distilled into 6 foundational root causes. A program was prescribed to correct these issues over an 18-month time line, and the integrity of the EA team was put on an explicit path to restoration. Having reestablished a foundational layer of trust and shared vision, the EA team subsequently presented a revamped architecture services engagement model to more effectively deliver business value.

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