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Case Study 2.22.2024

Tracking PFAS in the Global Supply Chain

Trexin is helping a large MedTech leader survey its suppliers to fully inventory the presence of “forever chemicals” in their products.

Tracking PFAS in the Global Supply Chain

Business Driver

Our Client, a multibillion-dollar medical technology manufacturer, is facing potential supply chain disruptions due to tightening regulations on the use of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) coupled with major supplier decisions to halt manufacturing of PFAS by the end of 2025. These conditions could lead to product recalls, production delays, and increased costs for life-saving medical devices. Additionally, our Client wants to ensure their own full compliance with upcoming bans and regulations surrounding PFAS chemicals to stay true to their company’s mission and address business liability concerns. To help mitigate these risks and optimize their supply chain for the future, our Client engaged Trexin to develop and execute an expedient methodology to survey and collect PFAS-related data from their extensive supply network of over 3,000 suppliers.


Trexin’s approach to addressing these disruptive changes centers on a multifaceted approach to streamline and enhance the efficiency of our  Client’s supplier outreach efforts. Trexin is organizing the supplier outreach program into distinct workstreams to achieve a more efficient workflow, communication, and allocation of Client resources. Suppliers are being categorized based on responsiveness, allowing for tailored outreach strategies. High-priority suppliers are receiving direct engagement from Trexin to maximize survey response rates and ensure data accuracy, while other suppliers are being managed by our Client’s category management team.

Although not all suppliers have initially been responsive or willing to complete the survey, the team’s commitment to open dialogue around the use of PFAS has encouraged supplier participation. Trexin assists with the Client’s weekly “office hours” to address supplier questions and clarify the survey’s purpose, fostering a collaborative spirit with our Client’s supply base. To provide clear direction for the outreach activities, Trexin is also developing process flow documentation and strategic recommendations, ensuring all parties are aligned with our Client’s goals and methodologies.


This critical and time-sensitive initiative aims to precisely determine the presence of PFAS within products and manufacturing processes across our Client’s network. Through a strategic and organized approach, Trexin is not only navigating the complexities of PFAS use assessment, but also reinforcing our Client’s commitment to regulatory compliance and environmental responsibility. This initiative is demonstrating the power of targeted engagement and clear communication in overcoming and anticipating supply chain challenges, a crucial step in helping our Client with compliance strategy and supply chain continuity.

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