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As technology continues to change, IT organizations are constantly creating, re-engineering and rebuilding their platforms and systems to take advantage of these changes in order to meet business needs and market opportunities. Sourcing experienced and qualified teams of individuals who can visualize, communicate and actualize the solutions to meet the business needs has been replaced with low cost developers and engineers. All to reduce costs and dynamically increase capacity. This quick fix is not the ideal solution to the gap created between understanding the business needs and market trends.

To counter this effect, Trexin maintains a staff of broad, deep and specialized experienced people who provide the level of capability and understanding to bridge the gap between understanding the needs/trends and the implementation of systems and solutions to meet those needs. Trexin works with your organization and resources; acting as members of your organization. Trexin’s team is practiced in delivering large scale, high performing solutions. Our team utilizes their experience to take advantage of technology changes and new possibilities to communicate and drive solutions within your organization.

Trexin provides several practices to help you deliver the strategies and systems required to meet today’s ever changing business and technological demands.

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Developing Business Solutions With Free and Open Software

Our Client, the Chief Actuarial Officer of a large healthcare Payer, had an urgent need to improve reporting insights into their predicted and actual membership. Challenging Trexin to help him develop an interim solution in less than 90 days, our Client asked us to create reporting tools based on currently. . .

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