Information Technology is only useful to the extent it optimizes efficiency or adds capabilities previously unattainable. Yet IT is on a long growth path towards achieving maturity as an engineering discipline, with consistent, optimized processes. IT is a toddler, barely 50 years old (if we consider the 1965 release of the IBM System/360 as the dawn of corporate computing). Modern Manufacturing is over 200 years old, and aims for Six Sigma error rates. Civil Engineering is at least 2000 years old – the Romans knew how to consistently and efficiently grade roads.

Trexin’s Systems Integration practice consists of veteran senior architects, each with over 17 years of experience and totaling to approximately 300 years. That puts Trexin’s Systems Integration practice maturity somewhere between Manufacturing for Six Sigma and the Romans for Civil Engineering with our skills spanning several generations of IT evolution since the dawn of corporate computing.

Throughout the IT galaxy of potential solutions, there will be points that specifically resonate with your business needs. Let Trexin help you navigate those. With our Trust, Experience and Innovation, we can guarantee a critical path approach and implementation.

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Developing Business Solutions With Free and Open Software

Our Client, the Chief Actuarial Officer of a large healthcare Payer, had an urgent need to improve reporting insights into their predicted and actual membership. Challenging Trexin to help him develop an interim solution in less than 90 days, our Client asked us to create reporting tools based on currently. . .

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