Helping Companies Implement Business Strategies

Founded on the principles of trust, experience, and innovation, Trexin Consulting specializes in the implementation of business strategy to achieve targeted business goals. Applied strategy situations that Trexin frequently leads include: scaling capabilities for growth, optimizing operations for cost reduction, driving synergies for M&A, and recovering projects in distress.

What Are Your Motivating Factors?

Motivation drives all companies, but what prompts this motivation? Is there a call to action, a threat to defend, or an opportunity to seize? Trexin's Applied Strategy model takes the motivation and pulls out the specific intention (the "what") to lead the realization or actual mobilization of resources in order to "get to done".

Trexin's Strategy Execution Model for Achieving Business Goals


Situations Where Trexin Can Help Drive Strategy Execution

Rapid Growth and Business Acceleration

  • Corporate expansion
  • Market-driven demand spikes
  • New product/service introductions

Optimized Operations

  • Increased competition/price erosion
  • Higher operating costs
  • Increased legal, regulatory, and compliance pressure

Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Strategic acquisitions
  • Consolidations
  • Divestitures

Execution and Recovery

  • Project distress
  • Executive departure
  • Loss of business/disruptive innovations


Sample Use Cases

Examples of projects where Trexin's Applied Strategies resulted in positive outcomes and business goals achieved.

Using a Missed Deadline as a Catalyst for Change

Helping a specialty Healthcare company strengthen its IT capabilities and increase employee satisfaction LEARN MORE

Enhancing Treasury Reporting/Analytics Capabilities

Helping a large health insurer enhance its Treasury reporting/analytics capabilities and streamline operational processes LEARN MORE

Making the Most of Point-of-Sale Data

Helping a consumer packaged goods company create a strategy execution roadmap that drives retailer collaboration and grows revenue profitably LEARN MORE

Crafting a Plan for Value Based Care

Helping a healthcare payer develop a strategy and investment roadmap for expanding Value Based Care LEARN MORE

Ensuring Project Delivery & Operational Excellence

Completing a large project backlog and improve infrastructure availability LEARN MORE

Recognizing that our Clients have varying needs for using professional services, Trexin offers three delivery modes:

  • Our “Diamond” Team (1) structure for project-oriented work when you want Trexin to own an outcome with “boardroom to the wire” accountability – working side-by-side with your team from the executive suite to the office floor to minimize information loss and distortion
  • Expert/Advisory (2) services for individual Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and senior-level assistance
  • Strategic Staffing (3) services for execution-oriented tasks or roles


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