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Case Study 5.29.2024

Improving Health Equity Outcomes Through Data Governance

Trexin implemented data strategy tactics to help a large Healthcare Payer gather, analyze, and leverage Race, Ethnicity, and Language (REL) data to personalize care services for underserved populations.

Health Equity Outcomes Through Data Governance

Business Driver

Our Client, a major Healthcare Payer in the Pacific Northwest region, sought to improve their REL member data collection methodology to satisfy upcoming state and federal reporting requirements and help reduce health disparities in clinical outcomes.

By the end of the year, REL data must be at least 80% “directly” sourced, as mandated by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). Our Client recognized that they were not only gathering less than 5% of all potential REL data from their existing members, but they also lacked the data governance and architecture necessary to process and secure it.

Our Client wished to implement robust data governance practices they could showcase to their member, provider, and employer bases to illustrate that any provided data would be safeguarded and used appropriately.

ApproachHealth Equity Outcomes Through Data Governance

Trexin helped formalize a clear and consistent approach to collecting REL data by implementing 12 Health Equity strategy tactics, providing execution guidelines, and establishing key performance indicators (KPIs). These tactics were then sequenced in a roadmap to maintain commitment to our Client’s goal to ultimately improve and personalize their rural and disadvantaged members’ coverages.

Trexin recognized the need to restructure the existing data governance framework to allow our Client to collect voluntarily provided REL data through the lens of Trexin’s People, Process, and Technology approach to streamline collection and safeguard privacy.


Trexin’s unique approach provided a complete restructure to our Client’s data governance framework and produced a data catalog fully tailored to our Client’s intake data points, allowing them to adequately analyze members’ REL data.

Trexin’s detailed implementation plan will allow for our Client to raise their data intake to meet federal and state requirements of 80% direct REL data collected by the end of they year.

Trexin’s partnership will enable our Client to effectively bridge critical REL-related Heath Equity gaps and enhance the Client’s competitiveness in ongoing Health Equity efforts among payers.

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