News 2.20.2018

Trexin Announces New Go-To-Market Strategy

Minneapolis, MN

Strategy Execution

Trexin Consulting, a nationally recognized management consulting and technology solutions firm serving Clients throughout North America, announced today that they are focusing its services and solutions on Strategy Execution. As part of this initiative, John Crowell has been selected to lead the Analytics Capability, Rick Mercier will lead the Technology Capability, and Co-Founder Warren Golla will lead the Innovation Capability. Co-Founder Dale Anderson will continue to lead the Aligned Enterprise Capability, and Doug Buffone will continue to lead the Program Execution Capability.

“Reflecting how our Clients already tend to use Trexin’s services, a more explicit focus on Strategy Execution sharpens our value proposition”, stated Golla. “In the perennial debate about whether ‘strategy’ or ‘execution’ matters most, our experience helping Clients over the last 12 years has consistently shown that the answer is ‘both’. Starting with a solid strategy is critical, but executing that strategy well is easier said than done, and that’s where Trexin can help”.

Founded on the principles of trust, experience, and innovation, Trexin Consulting specializes in strategy execution – the implementation of business strategy to achieve targeted business goals. Applied strategy situations that Trexin frequently leads include: digital transformation, scaling capabilities for growth, optimizing operations for cost reduction, driving synergies for M&A, and recovering projects in distress. Trexin’s services are right-sized for our Clients’ needs, ranging from our “Diamond Team” service when our Clients want Trexin to own an outcome and share delivery risk, to Expert/Advisory services for senior-level guidance, to Strategic Staffing services for execution-oriented tasks and roles. Our expertise spans Healthcare, Life Sciences, Financial Services, and Products & Distribution, overlaid by multidisciplinary skills in the five capabilities essential to executing strategy: Aligned Enterprise, Program Execution, Technology, Innovation, and Analytics.

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