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The healthcare model is moving towards a VBHC model, where Payers are working with Providers, medical device and drug manufacturers to develop reimbursement models that focus on the economic value of treatment rather than a “fee-for-service” approach. For medical device and drug manufacturers, this involves showing the value for a particular course of treatment for a patient and the outcomes achieved through the treatment. Trexin can assist with your health outcomes and value based care analysis that substantiate the health outcomes and economic value through the use of real world evidence data including electronic health records, medical claims, diagnostics data and other sources of healthcare data.

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Help me understand patient health and outcomes

In a value based and patient centric environment, it is necessary to bring together diagnostics, patient information and treatment information to illustrate the value in actual clinical practice and show “real world evidence”. Drug and device manufacturers can show how health outcomes such as hospital readmissions, length of hospital stay, mortality etc. are influenced by various treatment options in order to influence drug and device utilization and formulary decisions.

Trexin can help you understand the regulatory impact on cost and outcomes for patients. When new device or drug regulations are implemented, we can analyze their impact on patient’s health as well as drug or device utilization. Additionally, drug and device utilization and treatment effectiveness studies can be performed leveraging insurance claims and hospital discharge data.

Trexin can help with health outcomes studies, patient adherence, real world evidence, comparative effectiveness, population health and epidemiology studies.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Health Economics
  • Real World Evidence
  • Outcomes Research
  • Value Based Care
  • Population Health
  • Epidemiology

Help me improve financial performance

One of the components contributing to the financial performance of Life Sciences companies is driven by effective contract, rebate and chargeback tracking and reporting. The gross-to-net (GTN) adjustments for reporting continues be a challenge for Life Sciences.

In addition, tracking the product utilization rates by managed care organizations (MCOs) and PBMs can help companies better understand compliance to contracts and rebate agreements and plug holes in chargeback claims. Trexin can help develop reporting and analytics systems to help with contracts and rebates tracking and reporting. The tracking of future value based contracts and risk sharing or capitation models needs to be managed through robust data and analytics capabilities and platforms.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Contracts & Rebates
  • Utilization Reporting
  • Managed Care Analytics
  • Value Based Care
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