Helping Organizations Drive Healthcare Value

For organizations working hard to reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve health outcomes in this dynamic time for the healthcare industry, achieving positive results requires a strategic orientation toward understanding the costs and benefits across key stakeholders: driving healthcare value.

To fully leverage the value-centered opportunities and innovations of today’s healthcare market, organizations must have strong alignment between their business objectives and data/technology initiatives.  And those initiatives must produce actionable insights; not merely interesting information, but insights you can use to spur action that achieves success. Organizations that are willing to make and sustain investments in data-driven initiatives that advance value in healthcare for consumers, providers and payers can thrive in healthcare’s new era.

Working with entities that seek to drive improvements in healthcare delivery, outcomes, and cost, Trexin leverages deep expertise across the industry, using insights gained through Data Science, Advanced Analytics and Health Economics.

Healthcare Leadership

Practice Area Executive, Healthcare Policy & Compliance

Innovative Strategies for Integrated Care

On Wednesday, June 21st, Health and Medicine Policy Research Group (HMPRG) convened a forum of about 100 health care providers, health policy analysts, advocates and consumer representatives to discuss the effective strategies, consistent barriers and anticipated benefits of greater integration between behavioral health and primary care.

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