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Life Sciences companies are at the crossroads of new trends in R&D such as shrinking pipelines, rising costs, the potential of precision medicine, value and outcomes demands, opportunities with real world evidence (RWE), changing patient safety regulations and the onset of risk based monitoring models and adaptive trials as well as wearable technologies aiding clinical trial data collection. These trends affect how R&D is conducted in the future and the development of appropriate strategies to address these trends becomes a key imperative for Life Sciences companies looking to increase R&D efficiency and productivity.

Through the leverage of data and advanced analytics, Trexin can help identify opportunities to optimize the R&D processes, for example:

  • Increasing efficiency of patient enrollment and site initiation by identifying key drivers
  • Leveraging real world evidence data to optimize enrollment and trial design
  • Developing models to assess clinical trial sites and analyze site feasibility
  • Reducing site monitoring cost through risk based monitoring models
  • Measuring and optimizing collaboration between stakeholders (e.g., CROs)
  • Analyzing subject dropout and retention drivers to improve enrollment
  • Implementing platforms and systems to improve R&D efficiency
  • Developing clinical data standardization and transformation to standards such as CDISC & OMOP

Help section

Help me modernize the clinical trial ecosystem and analytics

The clinical trial process is very complex, involving multiple entities across the globe including clinical sites, investigators, review boards, multiple regulatory agencies and a controlled process that includes patient recruitment and enrollment, site selection and initiation, clinical study management, clinical data collection, data management, analysis and regulatory submissions. A key goal for most Life Sciences companies is to reduce clinical trial costs and increase the efficiency of this process. Opportunities exist to analyze the clinical trial process to better understand the inefficiencies and address them earlier. This includes earlier intervention of clinical studies that are “slipping”, better models for clinical trial planning, use of risk based monitoring models, clinical supplies demand management and more efficient data collection and management.

Trexin can provide analytics and insights to help implement optimization of the clinical trial operations process and implement solutions such as clinical trial management, CRO collaboration platforms and a modern clinical trial analytics platform leveraging standards such as CDISC and OMOP.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Clinical Trial Management Analytics
  • Modern Clinical Data Platforms
  • CDISC Conversions
  • Clinical Trial Systems Implementation
  • Reporting and Analytics

Help me optimize trial site selection and enrollment

Site selection, monitoring and enrollment are key drivers of clinical trial costs. Reviewing these processes and exploring better models to address these processes can result in significant savings and a more efficient process for clinical trial management.

Leveraging advanced analytics, Trexin can review and identify better models for site selection, resource allocations (e.g., site monitors), enrollment planning and forecasting.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Clinical Trial Management Analytics
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Process Redesign

Help me develop new products and solutions

New product development in the medical device and Life Sciences solutions business tends to be expensive, time consuming and have high rates of failure. Studies have shown that innovation teams find greater success when leveraging a methodology for driving new products to market.

Trexin leverages a six-stage methodology ranging from discovery activities, such as Voice of the Customer interviews, to product launch planning and execution as well as post-launch reviews to reduce challenges associated with new product development. Trexin can help with a specific stage of your new product development process or provide guidance, structure and technology support to enable this process.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Innovation
  • Ideation
  • New Product Development
  • Market Assessment
  • Go to Market
Strategy Execution

Trexin Announces New Go-To-Market Strategy

Trexin Consulting announced today that they are focusing its services and solutions on Strategy Execution.

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