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Case Study 8.26.2015

Accelerating the Growth of a PBM

Our Client had identified revenue opportunities within its PBM business that could dramatically increase share growth. Many customers of its PBM business weren’t using our Client’s Specialty Pharmacy (SpRx) offerings, resulting in business lost to competitors. Their goal was to accelerate the growth of its SpRx business and increase its<span. . .
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Insight Paper 3.19.2015

A Journey Through Enterprise Architecture (EA)

In today's changing world every executive in an organization acknowledges that one of the key challenges facing the businesses today is the inability of their organization to transform faster than the innovations and disruptions in the marketplace. Thought leaders have always debated that organizations need to innovate to stay competitive.<span. . .
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Insight Paper 1.13.2015

Strategic Vendor Selection

Enterprises both large and small often depend on vendors to support their core businesses even though the vendor selection processes are consistently tortuous and disjointed. Initiatives involving vendor selection will kick off and almost immediately struggle to maintain structure and focus, resulting in more confusion leading to poor staff utilization,<span. . .
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Insight Paper 12.17.2014

Consolidated Cloud Collaboration

This is a composite of several experiences from Trexin client interactions we have encountered where companies have engaged in application consolidation into a Cloud/Hybrid model. Typically we encounter a global company with disparate systems and multiple versions distributed in various geographic locations with different teams and governance models. This should<span. . .
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Case Study 12.11.2014

Elevating Technology Value for a Large Airport Organization

The operator of one of the largest airport systems in the nation was undergoing leadership change, and key business stakeholders wanted to consider if the organization was realizing the full possible value from technology that would be required to meet its strategic objectives. The airport organization asked Trexin to conduct<span. . .
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Insight Paper 12.10.2014

Caution: Small Project Ahead

It’s three o’clock on a Friday afternoon and you are already thinking of the weekend. The manager of your Project Management Office stops by your desk and hands you a project folder with the words, “Don’t worry, it’s a small project.” Rather than putting you at ease, this is a<span. . .
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Insight Paper 12.8.2014

Capitalizing on Healthcare Innovation and Transformation

The buzzwords are familiar: innovation; transformation; accountable care; consumer-oriented care; healthcare integration; population health management. What do they mean when spoken together? Disruptive change in your organization that can be a gift-wrapped opportunity to make necessary changes or a challenge that feels like a runaway train bearing down on you<span. . .
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Event Summary 11.4.2014

The Business Event

This fourth annual event is a major collaboration between the Small Business Advocacy Council (SBAC) and Jewish B2B Networking (JB2BN) organizations. The SBAC is the Greater Chicagoland’s premier advocacy and networking organization for small and mid-market businesses. JB2BN is the larger Jewish networking group in the Metro Chicago area with<span. . .
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