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Trexin Consulting Has Been Recognized For Their Work With ChenMed

Miami, FL

Trexin Consulting, a national consulting firm specializing in strategy execution, is honored to announce today that they were recognized in the April editions of Business Chief North America, Technology Magazine, and Healthcare Global for their work with ChenMed. ChenMed is a family-owned, family-oriented organization committed to bringing superior healthcare to moderate-to-low-income seniors.

Below is an excerpt from the article:

The culture of positive change at ChenMed extends to the way technology partnerships have become collaborations in pursuit of providing the best healthcare outcomes. Trexin Consulting provides the strategic staffing services that allow ChenMed to scale and deal with spikes in capacity.

“With the rate of change we’re experiencing it’s difficult to cover every competency in-house,” concedes [Chief Technology Officer Serge] Perras. “You’ve got to have a trusted partner that can service those needs and provide guidance. We’ve worked with Trexin for four years now and the quality of people they bring to the organization has been second to none. We can trust them to deliver and their flexibility and support has allowed us to take on new initiatives with confidence. They have consultants out there across the industry which feeds back great insights for ChenMed, helping us to plot our path.”

Perras notes Trexin is involved with ChenMed’s RPA initiative – an automation exercise netting hundreds of thousands of dollars of savings by automating manual processes. “They pivot quickly and keep up with our agility,” he says. “It’s a real success story, because going forward, not only are we reducing costs, but we’re actually allowing ourselves to scale more effectively because we’re massively reducing manual processes.”

“True partnerships do not just happen – it takes dedication, collaboration, respect, and a fair amount of effort from both sides to make it work. We are extremely proud of where we are with ChenMed and excited about the future as we continue to work together!” said Ton Roelandse, Trexin’s Senior Principal and Account Executive for ChenMed.

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About Trexin Consulting:
Founded on the principles of trust, experience, and innovation, Trexin Consulting specializes in strategy execution – the implementation of business strategy to achieve targeted business goals. Applied strategy situations that Trexin frequently leads include: digital transformations for business, scaling capabilities for growth, optimizing operations for cost reduction, driving synergies for M&A, and recovering projects in distress. Trexin’s services are right-sized for our Clients’ needs, ranging from our “Diamond Team” service when our Clients want Trexin to own an outcome and share delivery risk, to Expert/Advisory services for senior-level guidance, to Strategic Staffing services for execution-oriented tasks and roles. Our expertise spans Healthcare, Life Sciences, Financial Services, and Products & Distribution, overlaid by multidisciplinary skills in the four capabilities essential to strategy execution: Strategy & Innovation, Program Execution, Technology, and Analytics.

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