Case Study 12.22.2016

Making the Most of Point-of-Sale Data

Trexin helped a consumer packaged goods company create a strategy execution roadmap to enable a fact-based selling case through analytics that drives retailer collaboration and grows revenue profitably.

Business Driver

Our Client, a category-leading consumer packaged goods company with a strong brand, was beginning to experience sales erosion and retailer attrition.  A new executive team surmised this was partially due to ineffective retailer collaboration, exemplified by their inability to present retail partners with a fact-based selling case grounded by aggregate point-of-sale analytics.  With their position as a category captain vulnerable, the company’s CFO asked Trexin for a roadmap to execute a conceptual strategy to enabling a fact-based selling case through analytics to improve retailer collaboration and profitably grow revenue.



Leveraging our Capability Assessment, Strategy & Roadmap (ASR) methodology, Trexin created a stepwise plan to enable a fact-based selling case through analytics. The ASR had three phases:

  • The first phase clarified the business objective and strategy, as well as inventoried current capabilities. Trexin interviewed every producer and consumer of point-of-sale (POS) data, resulting in over 40 interviews that gave the team a solid understanding of the business needs. The capability inventory focused on the IT and analytics teams, where we itemized people, process and technology relating to POS data.
  • In phase two, a future-state vision was designed to reflect the business objective and strategy, and a gap analysis was conducted to map current-state capabilities to future-state needs. At the end of phase two, consensus was gained from the business and IT teams on the future-state capabilities needed to realize the strategy, featuring the introduction of a data warehouse to consolidate POS data from dozens of retailers and enable aggregate-level analytics. A gap analysis was then conducted to define what specific capability improvements would be required.
  • In phase three, those capability improvement needs were translated into a project roadmap. People, process, and technology changes were incorporated into 13 projects to develop a single data repository for POS data; define analytics bundles (i.e., analytics concepts to address the company’s business needs); establish data governance; create an Analytics Center of Excellence; and provide training. The projects were sequenced to meet the company’s aggressive 4-month delivery timeframe, and the necessary resources to achieve that timeline were itemized across projects. Trexin also provided alternative approaches that addressed tradeoffs in time-to-market, cost and resource availability.


The project roadmap provided our Client with an executable path to reaching their stated business objective, and they independently started the first project the day after the roadmap was finalized. Their ability to execute the roadmap on their own speaks to the comprehensiveness and quality of the Trexin deliverables, and the CFO believes that when the roadmap is completed it will enable a fact-based selling case through analytics that drives retailer collaboration and grows revenue profitably.

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