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Event Summary 9.1.2016


The 2016 FARCON (Financial and Retail Conference on Analytics) took place August 24, 2016. FARCON is Minnesota’s premier event for Data Science in Financial Services and Retail, run by MinneAnalytics, a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving Minnesota’s data science and analytics community.
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Case Study 8.30.2016

Marketing Medical Devices in an Age of Value-Based Care

Our Client, a rapidly growing medical device company, sought a partner to help them better understand fluid management for their hemodynamic monitoring product line. They were looking to generate abstracts in partnership with several physician groups who were thought leaders in the area of fluid management, and their goal was<span. . .
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Insight Paper 6.30.2016

Dealing With Complexity in Big Data

Big Data is esoteric. Maybe too esoteric. In concrete terms, Big Data refers to large data sets that are often analyzed by powerful computers to reveal patterns. Not too far off on the analytical spectrum from Big Data is machine learning—the ability of computers to learn without explicit guidance. Like<span. . .
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Case Study 5.24.2016

Estimating Flood Risk Using Predictive Analytics

Our Client, the founder and CEO of an innovative startup that developed an analytics model to accurately predict flood risk for a given parcel of land over a period of time, wanted to commercialize the technology to help consumers, businesses, and governments around the world better prepare and adapt to<span. . .
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Event Summary 3.22.2016

March 2016 The Chicago Forum for Justice in Health Policy

The Chicago Forum for Justice in Health Policy presented “Reforming Illinois’ Public Health Data Systems” on March 4, 2016, at Loyola University’s Chicago School of Law Health and Medicine. Over 120 participants made up of public health professionals, state and local government staff, researchers, health advocates, insurers, and the general<span. . .
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