Event Summary 12.10.2019

FinTEx Investor Roundtable

Chicago, IL

FinTEx Investor Roundtable

On December 4th, FinTEx held an Investor Roundtable at the Actuate Law office. The four panelists were Cooper Cordin, Director at aiAlpha, Aaron Dirlam, Co-Chief Investment Officer at SpringTide, Trilliam Jeong, CEO and founder of WealthBlock, and Matthew Rosenberg, Head of Trading & Strategic Initiatives for Halo Investing. Our colleagues Eric Gonzalez, Amita Venna, Jonathan Katz, and Patrick Roder attended the event and learned about how all panelists were impacting the Fintech market today.

The event took place for several hours including open networking sessions as well as the panelist roundtable discussion. The moderator asked four questions involving how the Schwab-TD Merger will impact their businesses, how their companies create competitive advantages and business value in their markets, forecasts in the digital asset industry such as crypto currency and blockchain, and the current trend in the economy of businesses holding large amounts of cash which dilutes the cash flow in the market.

The floor was open to questions and we asked what ways the lessons learned from new technologies in the financial sector will affect healthcare. Matthew Rosenberg answered that the new technologies impacting healthcare are ultimately providing more data that leads to better decision making and actionable insights. Some panelists were curious on how healthcare will continue to leverage data and ensure that theirs will be secure and protected.

After the panel discussion concluded, Aaron Dirlam spoke to the group about personal investing in today’s market. He was asked what advice would he give to the younger generation including best tips along with the do’s and don’t’s of building out their portfolio. He responded with a holistic approach describing each person has a different goal, path, and rate to get to their desired destination. He said to stay true to your own plan and base your reactions to the market accordingly so.

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