Case Study 12.11.2014

Elevating Technology Value for a Large Airport Organization

Trexin conducted a strategic IT value assessment to identify gaps in technology leverage and enterprise alignment.

Business Driver

The operator of one of the largest airport systems in the nation was undergoing leadership change, and key business stakeholders wanted to consider if the organization was realizing the full possible value from technology that would be required to meet its strategic objectives. The airport organization asked Trexin to conduct an independent value assessment to help educate and align its leadership on the current-state situation and present a future-state vision for how to best leverage IT capabilities across the enterprise for maximum value.


The value assessment included individual and group interviews with the organization’s senior leadership, IT governance team, operational leaders from all key departments, and IT management team members to assess their strategy, operational efficiency, and communication.

Trexin also conducted two large workshops with all leaders together and led multiple review sessions to assess interview feedback, discuss findings, and develop a roadmap for better leveraging IT capabilities and technologies.

Topic areas included understanding gaps in roles and relationships while driving new technology capabilities; overall IT staffing; and skills, processes, partners, and measures.

The client also made two additional requests to have Trexin review the usage and value of the current ERP system and to assess how the organization leverages partners in their IT-related business activities.


Trexin produced a fact-based value assessment and closely reviewed all key findings and recommendations, which the client embraced and asked Trexin to help execute. Reflecting the strategic nature of the needs going forward, Trexin helped with the immediate changes in the role and focus of the COO, IT governance, and IT Director.

In addition, Trexin helped the organization form executive- and director-level business and technology change committees that began meeting almost immediately to help drive cross-functional progress and alignment. Finally, Trexin created a 3-year roadmap that was centered on delivering 5 key leadership outcomes that would ensure maximum value from forthcoming technology-enabled process improvements and business investments.

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