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Event Summary 5.21.2018

Collision Between Cyber Risk and the Trend to Home Healthcare Webinar

Cyber Risk and Trend to Home Healthcare

Healthcare is becoming more and more reliant on technology to increase efficiency, effectiveness, and reach. Home healthcare is one important and growing trend where technology is helping increase the reach and efficiency of care while bringing down the cost. However, this brings with it the challenge of maintaining data security and privacy in home environments filled with smart thermostats, TVs, gaming consoles, etc.

Trexin Chief Security Officer, Glenn Kapetansky, met with Erik Decker, Chief Security and Privacy Officer for the University of Chicago Medicine, and Trexin Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Jon Waddell, to discuss their perspectives on home healthcare trends, the risks they bring, and how to mitigate them. Discussion topics included:

  • What are the current trends?
  • What are the risks and potential mitigations?
  • Who’s accountable for ensuring security?

Listen to the webinar here:

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