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Insight Paper 6.22.2017

App Migration Dispositioning in an XaaS World

Technology today allows for many different paths to cloud-based infrastructure and IT. Regardless of whether your CIO has decided to focus on applications and data, implying a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution, or perhaps keeping the middleware layer too, and transitioning only servers and virtualization to a third-party vendor, meaning Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS),<span. . .
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Case Study 5.10.2017

Managing Data For A National Medicare Provider

Specializing in primary care for seniors, our Client experienced explosive success, growing in five years from 5,000 patients to over 30,000 patients served by 37 medical centers in 25 cities within 8 markets. This rapid growth led to serious data quality issues, heavy manual intervention for most key processes, and. . .
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Insight Paper 5.3.2017

Connecting Dots To Improve Lives

Many entities have missions to improve the health of Americans. Exciting value is continuously developing despite the great complexities we have built. Insurance companies, clinical providers, pharmaceuticals, tech enhancers, device makers, health sciences, and the government are working together instead of in historical silos to improve the quality of health<span. . .
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