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Insight Paper 3.1.2023

2023 Healthcare Technology Trends

Technology, experience, and adoption will continue and improve throughout 2023.

2023 Healthcare Technology Trends

Challenges in the labor market increases in wages, and general price inflation will put pressure on both payers and providers in 2023, requiring them to discover innovative methods to do more with less. Customers in the healthcare sector are looking for a personalized service much like those they receive than they do online banking to shopping online for groceries at their local store.

Certain trends in healthcare technology are seen as potential answers to these issues and are expected to acquire traction in the coming year (2023).


Businesses can improve their operational efficacy and reduce their tech debt by being more agile and addressing the problem of application sprawl.

Businesses may need to upgrade their IT infrastructure to give customers access to data whenever and wherever they need it, thereby fostering interoperability and creating a “connected” environment where systems and devices can “talk” to each other. Having a solution that is neutral and interoperable amongst systems, devices, and service providers allows for the unhindered exchange of data and information. As a result, providers save time and gain a complete picture of each patient, allowing them to craft individualized treatment strategies.


Organizations will continue to embrace artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in 2023. Workflow automation powered by AI/ML is on the horizon, with applications ranging from workforce staffing to automating some of the mundane clerical work in the healthcare industry.


A fully interoperable healthcare IT network can only be built with the help of the cloud. We can anticipate further cloud migration and acceptance in 2023 and the release of more Software as a Service (SaaS) options. Further, healthcare-specific cloud platforms offer a flexible environment in which new digital applications can be developed and tested rapidly. That makes it possible for the healthcare industry to innovate more quickly and in smaller, more manageable pieces.


Personalized, digitally-enabled healthcare is what consumers are looking for today. More and more people are doing comparison shopping when it comes to healthcare providers and services. They do so with the expectation of the same convenience and experience they have when making other kinds of online purchases, such as financial or grocery ones.

In 2023, healthcare consumers (providers, patients) will be prioritized over products as healthcare providers and vendors offer and develop services to improve health outcomes and increase patient access to care through streamlined interactions.

To better help healthcare consumers plan, schedule, and manage care, the consumer trend will continue to require frequent evaluation of interoperability and device integration.


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