Event Summary 11.23.2021

Women Leading in Technology: A Conversation with Deb Cupp, President, Microsoft US

A virtual event hosted by Minnesota Technology Association.

Women Leading in Technology - A Conversation with Deb Cupp, President, Microsoft US Event Summary

On November 9th, Jessica Albrecht, Courtney Plude, and Emily McDonough attended the Women Leading in Technology (WLiT): A Conversation with Deb Cupp, President, Microsoft US event hosted by Minnesota Technology Association. The virtual event was facilitated by Robin Brown who asked Deb a series of questions. Below is a brief insight into some of those questions followed by her perspectives.

What are some of your favorites?

  • Peloton workouts – Deb starts each workday with a Peloton workout
  • Current Favorite Book: Dare to Lead
  • Current Favorite Movie / Show: Ted Lasso

How do you remain flexible and ensure equity for all employees in a hybrid work environment?

  • We are all learning, and allow for flexibility
    • Frequent polls and surveys
  • Talking with multiple companies / clients on their approach to hybrid work
  • Continuous communication and transparency
    • Communicating that we need to be agile

How are companies retaining talent?

  • Knowing that the biggest challenge is being able to remain equitable for all
    • Seeing clients’ employees pivoting and employees are saying they want something more
  • Organizations need to keep listening and learning and determine how they are going to create action

We heard about the Great Resignation, can you please share more information on that?

  • See it as the great shuffle of talent
  • Believe that the environment is going to settle over the next six months to a year
  • Microsoft, as well as all industries, will continue to learn and adapt over this period
    • Reiterated that it will be key for organizations to continue to listen, learn, and act on their learnings

What was your path to where you are now?

  • Started in sales
  • Incredible passion for customers and learning from each experience / journey
  • Selling created a level of curiosity – that there are always opportunities to do it a little bit differently each time

What was your biggest challenge?

  • Figuring out what I wanted to do and where I want to do it
  • Making sure I understand myself and what I am passionate about
  • Learned it’s okay not to be passionate about what others want you to be passionate about
  • Staying true to your values

How did you get your seat at the table?

  • Great mentors
  • Practice and leaning into discussions that are uncomfortable
    • Taking steps to work through the uncomfortable
  • Getting feedback – “How did I show up” – sometime feedback is tough, but it is key to everything

What do you look for in a mentor?

  • Individuals that have the same values
  • People that she admired
  • People who are going to challenge your thinking

Did your mentor list shift over your career?

  • Yes!
  • Her board of directors / mentors shifted throughout the stages of her career
  • Each of the mentors have pushed her in different ways
  • Mentor shifts were based on what is important at a point in time in life

What is the most important lesson?

  • Need to be authentic!
  • You must be you!

We appreciate the opportunity to have participated in this event and look forward to attending more Minnesota Technology Association events in the future.

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