Event Summary 10.22.2021

What’s Next in Digital Transformation? Will Google, Amazon, and Apple Take Over Healthcare?

2021 MN HIMSS & Minnesota e-Health Initiative Virtual Series

Kenzie Schumaker attended one of the 2021 MN HIMSS & Minnesota e-Health Initiative Virtual Series on October 12th. Session four: “What’s next in digital transformation? Will Google, Amazon, and Apple take over healthcare?” was led by Tressa Springmann and Cynthia Perazzo. Tressa and Cynthia discussed the behavior changes that are associated with consumers due to the increase in digital access and how this has impacted healthcare. Some of these disruptions include choosing providers based on convenience and the digital experience the system offers.

Panelists Scott Feinburg and Dennis Zuzek joined from their respective organizations to discuss their experience. Everyone agreed that they expect groups like Google, Amazon, and Apple to get into the healthcare space, but expect it to be in a partnership capacity. Health systems can benefit from partnerships like these if they are able to leverage these organizations’ strength of technology and analytics. Regardless of partnerships, everyone believed in the need for healthcare organizations to continue to improve and increase their digital experience for patients in order to remain a competitive player.

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