Case Study 9.5.2018

Unifying Operations for Pharmacy Analytics

Trexin helped a multi-employer health plan define the pharmacy area requirements for its first data warehouse.

Unifying Operations for Pharmacy Analytics

Business Driver

A Taft-Hartley multi-employer health and welfare plan with a national membership base operated under two distinct groups, largely independent of one another, and a legacy of its original compositional structure. As the organization began to move towards a more unified model, the business recognized that it needed a single source of truth for all business data with standardized reporting and analytics capabilities across the enterprise. The CIO launched an initiative to develop the organization’s first enterprise data warehouse (EDW) and selected Trexin to lead the effort to define the business requirements for the pharmacy group, which would be the first business area served by the EDW and constitute the pathfinder for the EDW’s foundational design and build.


Structured as an accelerated 6-week engagement that included a Trexin subject matter expert having a Doctor of Pharmacy degree and 15 years of industry experience as a practicing pharmacist at a large pharmacy benefit manager, Trexin adopted a two-phase approach.

In Phase 1, Trexin interviewed the company’s executives and various stakeholders from pharmacy operations, informatics, and IT to understand their individual future-state visions. Because Trexin was quickly accepted by the executive team and each of the two siloed operating groups to be a credible, unbiased, 3rd-party facilitator, Trexin was able to unify all the input into a single future-state vision that was meaningful and representative of both groups.

In Phase 2, Trexin then took that unified future-state vision and met again with the same group of stakeholders to translate the high-level vision into low-level, prioritized business requirements. Again, Trexin took great care to be highly inclusive of the individual needs of each of the two operating groups yet expressed the requirements in a form that underscored their commonality to facilitate the EDW design and ultimately facilitate a more unified operating model.


The project successfully provided our Client with a unified future-state vision and detailed set of pharmacy requirements for the EDW that was broadly supported by the organization. These pharmacy requirements were then subsequently used in the design, development, test, and deployment of the organization’s first enterprise data warehouse and subject area, accomplishing the first step in an ongoing effort to establish a single source of truth for all business data and to standardize reporting and analytics capabilities across the enterprise.

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