Event Summary 12.13.2016

The 2016 Waters USA Conference

New York, New York


Held on December 5th, this was a very well-attended conference of industry participants and regulators. The key note speaker, Kevin Mahn, Chief Investment Officer for Hennion and Walsh Asset Management, presented the potential impacts on investment management returns of recent global political invents (e.g., US Presidential Election, Italian Referendum rejection, Brexit) and a forward-looking view on the impact of these investments on global financial regulation.

The afternoon kicked off with another key note speaker, Lori Beer, Chief Investment Officer JPM Corporate and Investment Bank. She presented a high-level overview of various initiatives at JPM including: big data, new payments capabilities and JPM internal block chain implementations.

The conference also including several industry panels on various topics including: big data and analytics, machine learning and AI, growing confidence in cloud services, data governance and regulatory compliance.

The event’s topics and messaging compliments Trexin’s focus on Investment Management, Insurance and Capital Markets firms. Our financial services experts are working with our clients and prospects on industry and technical topics every day. Please contact us for more information.

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