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Case Study 8.1.2023

Standardizing Enterprise-Wide Health Equity Data

Trexin championed a series of Health Equity data standardization initiatives across multiple health plans.

Health Equity Data - Healthcare Consulting

Business Driver

Trexin was asked by the Product Director at our Client, a major healthcare payer, to resolve data discrepancy issues across its health plans. With current Health Level Seven (HL7) and United States Core Data for Interoperability (USCDI) standards in mind, our Client enlisted Trexin to understand, standardize, and improve Race, Ethnicity, and Language (REL) and Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) data across the enterprise. Although its health plans were not legally required to capture this data, our Client sought to implement robust processes to collect and report upon it in favor of generating actionable insights.


Trexin drew upon its deep Data Analytics and Program Execution domain expertise to tackle three individual but interrelated projects:Standardizing Enterprise-Wide Health Equity Data - Consulting

  1. Understand REL data standards for our Client’s health plans and their industry competitors, with the primary goal of creating a single, unified standard, identifying inconsistencies, and enabling and emphasizing the practice of self-reported data.
  2. Develop a mobile application to enable health plans and their members to record REL and SOGI data effectively, gathering robust requirements and developing technical back-end documentation to improve accuracy and create structure.
  3. Pilot a REL data project to realize our Client’s desire to fully build out their data platforms, providing and executing recommendations to allow for standardized, measurable, and sharable data formats in the process.


Our Client is now adhering to all applicable Affordable Care Act (ACA) and Office of Minority Health (OMH) standards, which command more detailed, thorough, and accurate Health Equity data. Trexin successfully implemented a new formatting and intake process, which enabled our Client’s health plans to analyze their members’ Health Equity data and identify key trends and improvement opportunities. Our Client now maintains consistent Health Equity data and its health plans employ corrective action strategies to identify and remediate duplicative, partial, and broken data elements as necessary.

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