Event Summary 6.28.2016

SecureX 2016

Chicago, IL

SecureX is the 10th annual ISSA and ISACA Audit, Compliance & Security Conference and Networking Cruise, held on the Lake Michigan cruise ship Odyssey, June 21.


This premier event featured a distinguished panel:

  • Tina Hauri (Moderator), CISO, City of Chicago
  • Michael Phillips, CISO, Rosenthal Collins Group
  • Kevin Novak, CISO and IT Risk Officer, Northern Trust
  • Arlan McMillan, CISO, United Airlines
  • Glenn Kapetansky, Chief Security Officer, Trexin Group

Topics explored included:

  1. The changing role of the Chief Information Security Officer, from “IT” to board-level and enterprise-wide Risk Management.
  2. Training and education challenges.
  3. Metrics, up through the Board level.

The discussion was interactive, wide-reaching, insightful, entertaining, and well-received. It didn’t hurt that the entire event occurred on one of Chicago’s rare but brilliantly sunny days, cruising in the sapphire-blue Lake Michigan along the downtown shore.

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