Event Summary 11.19.2021

SecureWorld’s Rockies Virtual Conference

Suing the CISO: No Longer a Hypothetical

SecureWorld Great Lakes Virtual Conference

Glenn Kapetansky, Trexin’s Chief Security Officer and Technology Capability Lead, participated in SecureWorld Rockies on November 17th with colleague Rebecca Rakoski, Esq. They reprised a very popular panel session from SecureWorld Great Lakes (September 23, 2021), on the topic of “Suing the CISO: No Longer a Hypothetical”. This timely topic, given the lawsuit filed against SolarWinds’ CISO and CEO, sparked a spirited discussion between Glenn and Rebecca, but also on the online chat throughout the session. It was remarkably difficult to listen, speak, read, type—and think!—but ultimately seemed to be valuable to the participants.

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