Event Summary 6.6.2018

SecureWorld Chicago 2018

Chicago, IL

On June 5, 2018, Trexin participated in the 2nd Annual SecureWorld Chicago Expo held at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center. The Expo’s theme “Fast Forward” offered a full day of cybersecurity education around predicting and preparing for our cyber future.

Trexin’s Chief Security Officer Glenn Kapetansky was the moderator for the open session “What Will They Think of Next (Emerging Threats)”, focusing on the uptick in cyberattacks, cybersecurity threats, and how individuals and organizations can better secure against IOT (Internet of Things) devices.

The panel of industry experts included:

  • Ron Winward – Security Evangelist, Radware
  • Tom Crane – Senior Sales Engineer, Securonix
  • Steven Overko – Solution Engineer, SentinelOne
  • Kenneth Geers – Chief Research Scientist, Comodo
  • Torsten George – Senior Director, Product Marketing, Centrify
  • Nurudin Javeri – Senior Systems Engineer, SailPoint

A sampling of questions for the panelists are listed below:

  • What are some of the more creative IOT threats?
  • How do we protect against threats we have never dreamed of?
  • How can machine learning help identify changes that indicate areas of compromise?
  • Will IoT devices continue to be a focal point for threat actors?
  • To what extent does network security affect U.S. national security?
  • Can private companies defend against the nation-state threat?
  • Do you foresee any changes in the tactics of cyber adversaries as it relates to the attack surface or point of access?
  • Why is it important to secure digital identities?

If you missed the panel and/or the entire event and would like to discuss expanded versions of the topics above, please contact Glenn Kapetansky to schedule a security briefing. For more information on Trexin’s security portfolio, please visit our capabilities site here.

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