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Case Study 10.1.2012

Reengineering a Global Supply Chain and Warehouse Distribution System

Trexin partnered with a Fortune 500 manufacturing company to support and enable its global expansion.

Reengineering Global Supply Chain And Warehouse Distribution System

Business Driver

Driven by acquisitions demanding flexibility to support varying organizational structures and business processes, our Client’s CIO asked Trexin to help create an integrated global supply chain and warehouse distribution system to consolidate/retire multiple legacy systems, incorporate new business requirements & value-added services, and close gaps in core system functionality.


Trexin worked closely with our Client’s teams to:

  • Define a project structure with communication between the leadership in program development, business units, geographies and executives
  • Provide due diligence for 3rd party application software that had been selected by the Client
  • Manage quality through a continuous technical and functional testing program
  • Lead designs for a scalable global business, including integration and messaging architecture to support system performance needs and integration with legacy systems
  • Identify risk mitigation and implementation strategies for continuity of core operations at the warehouses, including development of conversion processes, tools and programs


Results to Date:

Reengineered the 3rd party software to meet global architecture standards; completed and certified the software architecture foundation to ensure the global architecture will be scalable and meet/exceed online performance guidelines.


Business designs to address business functional gaps; defined the initial conversion and rollout strategy.

Still in Progress:

Completing the coding and testing of the new business functions and the conversion plans for a global rollout; finalizing the approach for change management.

Upon Completion, Results Will Be:

An integrated system to allow warehouse operations to reduce costs and improve accuracy within the order life cycle; a single centralized warehouse management system operating over 200+ global warehouses on the same platform; mobile computing to improve accuracy and efficiency for warehouse operations.

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